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Magical Artifacts, Talismans, Words, Incantations and Spells ( Symbolism and Mythology ):

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"Never trust anything that can think for itself."
    -Mr. Weasley to Ginny, in J.K. Rowling's 
     Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Who has not dreamed of being in possession of a magical object or
magical spell?

Literature and mythology are full of stories about someone who has
uncovered a magical artifact or talisman; or someone who has 
stumbled upon a magical word, incantation, or spell. The desire to 
possess something of this nature is very alluring; it is the stuff that
daydreams and fantasies are made of.

However, as literature and mythology further tell us, being in possession
of one of these items does not always end very well for the person who
stumbles upon them. Therefore, before wishing to be in possession of 
any of these objects or Words we may want to look deeper into what 
these items really are, and ask ourself, "Do I really want to come 
into possession of something of this nature"?

Because, as the stories further tell us, the person who stumbles upon
these devices very seldom controls them. The very opposite happens:
the object or spell winds up controlling, and even taking possession
of, its discoverer.

With these thoughts in mind, let us now delve deeply into the
questions and consequences that are an integral part of Magical Artifacts, 
Talismans, Words, Incantations, and Spells.

Magical Artifacts and Talismans ( Physical Powers ):

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With any physical, magical Item of Power it is crucial that we consider
the following:

Someone created it! 

To create a Magical Artifact or Talisman requires great magical power.
Therefore we need to be able to answer and be Aware of the following:

1. Who created the object: 
    It is important to know who created the object and what was the 
    character of that person. This can give us an insight to the powers 
    contained within the object. However, this is almost always a certain 

2. When was it created: 
    Without knowing the time in history when the object was created, 
    we have no insight into the historical thoughts, energies and moods 
    that may be associated with the object. Here, again, we have an 
    almost certain unknown.

3. What were the intentions of the person who created the 
    This would enable us to understand the motive behind its creation 
    and what powers we will be confronting not only by merely 
    possessing the object, but also what unexpected results we can 
    anticipate should we ultimately choose to use this object. And, here 
    we have another unknown.

4. What powers were fused into the object by the person who 
    created it. In other words, what are its latent powers:
    As there is no way to know all the powers infused into the object,
    we are again faced with a certain unknown.

5. Exactly how powerful is this object:
    The object can be supremely powerful. And, herein lies its immense 
    danger. For, while the user is under the illusion that he or she is 
    manipulating the object for their sole benefit, the object is actually,
    in most cases very discretely, manipulating and binding its user.
    Here is where the magical object, in a great many instances, 
    can possess a very diabolical unknown.

6. Does this object have the ability to function and act 
    completely of its own accord:
    Anything infused with extremely powerful magical intentions and
    spells will always, simply by its created nature, have a Free Will.
    And, this Free Will, will have the power, and desire, to completely act 
    of its own accord. And, without the possessor being more powerful 
    than the object, which is nearly impossible, the user most seriously 
    risks magical bondage.

Magical Words, Incantations and Spells ( Verbal Powers ):

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In addition to the above mentioned concerns and warnings, the 
following should also be taken into consideration in regard to the use 
of Magical Words, Incantations, and Spells:

1. Were the original Words and Symbols part of a secret 
    If so, then the exact words and intent of the Spell or Incantation 
    are almost certainly indecipherable. A great example of a secret
    language is the Voynich Manuscript.

2. Were the original Words and Symbols part of an ancient 
    or lost language:
    Again: If so, then the exact words and intent of the Spell or Incantation 
    are almost certainly indecipherable. 

3. The original meanings of Words can change dramatically 
    over time, or even vanish from use:
    At best, Words are a very clumsy way of communicating. Even in our
    own lifetimes, we see how the usage and meanings of Words change 
    over time, and how they have different meanings throughout various 
    individuals, races, and nationalities.
       In addition, Words that addressed very specific ideas, objects,
    feelings and intentions can absolutely disappear throughout the march
    of long historical periods.
        Also, objects referred to in ancient texts fall into dis-use, are 
    discarded, and are never used again. There are many such items 
    referred to in ancient texts of which we have no idea as to what they
    actually were. If such an item is referred to in an ancient Spell or
    Incantation, we are at a total loss as to what this item in fact was.
       These problems alone render the attempted translation of an
    ancient Spell or Incantation absolutely useless. 

4. Were the Words and Symbols copied correctly from the 
    original text:
    Errors abound in even the simplest copying of Words and Symbols.
    The slightest error can, and most likely will, change the meaning and 
    essence of the original text.

5. Were these Words and Symbols accurately interpreted when
    translated into another language in another time:
    It is nearly impossible, if not absolutely impossible, to translate one
    language into another without losing the True meaning of the 
    original language.
       Not only can Words have a different meaning in different languages; 
    but also the context of sentences, paragraphs and ideas can have
    radical variations in interpretation when being translated from one
    language to another.
       AND, this does not even take into account the various metaphors,
    allegories and other unique meanings contained in the original text
    which can, in no way, be translated into the new language.

6. Are we absolutely sure of the correct ancient pronunciation 
    of not only the Words of the Incantations and Spells, but also 
    their appropriate phonetics:
    Even today we see the the differences in the various dialects and
    phonetics which abound on this planet. Sounds that can easily be
    pronounced by one group of people, or by one nationality, are 
    very difficult for another nationality, or even another part of the 
    same country, to pronounce.
       Therefore, it is almost impossible for us to attempt to correctly
    pronounce not only the Words of an ancient Spell or Incantation
    correctly; but this difficulty is compounded when we do not even
    know the proper phonetics used by the original makers of the 
    Spell or Incantation.

7. Considering our present personal dialect, are we able to  
    pronounce these Words correctly:
    Refer to item #6 above.

8. Are we able to summon up within ourself the proper mood 
    that is meant to accompany the Incantation or Spell:
    Without fully understanding the proper mood, and proper mindset,
    required in the use of the Spell or Incantation, it is impossible for
    us to properly summon up this mood or mindset within ourself.
        Not being in the proper mood, or frame of mind, when conjuring 
    up the Incantation or Spell, can either invalidate the Incantation or 
    Spell, or have it work completely against the conjuror. 

9. Improperly speaking the Words, even minutely, can alter 
    the Spell or Incantation: often with dire consequences:
    Improper use of Words and phonetics can alter the Spell or
    Incantation dramatically; often with severe and dire consequences.

So, the question now arises: "OK. I will not fool around with anyone 
else's magical objects or words. I will crate my own spell and create
a magical object of my own. What personal harm can that do"?

The powers, words, incantations and spells infused into an object or
spell enables it to automatically assume a life and power of its own. 
And here is where many magicians fall prey to the objects and
spells they conjure up. A good example of this is Mickey Mouse in 
The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Life of any kind, by its very nature, has free-will inherent within it. But,
a magical object, having a powerful life-force infused into it, contains
an enormous free-will which can, and will, act as a powerful driving 
force  And herein lies the danger in either working with, or creating,
magical artifacts, talismans, spells and incantations.

Whenever we place our hopes, dreams  and beliefs in external 
forces, we are opening ourselves up to danger and frustration. These
external forces are inclusive of people, objects, organizations, factions,
and dogmas; dogmas being the un-questionable and authoritarian 
belief systems that are forced upon us, by means of guilt, shame,
or fear, by self-serving individuals, factions and organizations.

In conclusion:

Relying on any external object, power, or entity is never a good idea. 
For, as ancient teachings inform us, the only powers we should be 
relying upon are the latent spiritual powers contained within ourself. 

In other words, our prime focus should be focusing on, and 
communicating with, our Atman by the proper use of Prayer and 
Meditation. The ancient teachings repeatedly inform us that the
answers and guidance we seek lie within us.

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