Sunday, May 23, 2010


There are an infinite number of Pathways we can choose to Travel
during our Current Incarnation. It is not unusual for us to travel
many different Pathways before we finally settle on the one Path
that is Harmonious with our Divine Nature.

Our Pathway of life consists of many forks and byways which lead
us from the main Path of our Divine Nature and invite us, or tempt
us, to try something new. These forks and byways provide us with
the opportunities to experiment with different ideas and

Some of these ideas and experiences are Harmonious with our
Divine Nature and expand and elevate our character and
personality. Others, however, are not in Harmony with our Divine
Nature and can create all kind of problems, and even be disastrous,
to us.

Whenever we find ourselves on a Pathway which is not Harmonious
with who we are we should exit this Pathway immediately and treat
it as a learning experience; a learning experience which teaches us
to avoid these types of forks and byways in the future.

Whenever we choose a new Pathway we automatically subject
ourselves to all of the people, choices, experiences and consequences
which are a natural part of that particular Pathway.

For example: the people, choices, experiences and consequences
which are inherent to the Pathway of a comedian are entirely
different from the people, choices, experiences and consequences
inherent to the Pathway of an author, an engineer, a clergyman,
or a thief. Therefore, if we are not content with the people, choices,
experiences and consequences we are currently experiencing, we
merely need to Change Pathways and return to the one which is
most Harmonious with our Divine Nature.

It is important for us to realize that we are solely responsible for
the Pathways we choose to follow. We may be tempted to "try
something new", we may be acting on the Advice of a friend, or we
may be following the suggestion of an "education counselor" when
we choose a new Pathway in our life.

However, in the end, we are the ones who ultimately make the final
choice of which Pathway we are going to follow and experience.
And because this final choice is ultimately ours, we are therefore
solely responsible for the rewards, misfortunes, or Consequences
which are part of the Pathways we choose to follow.

When we look upon Pathways and Decisions in this manner we
begin to realize that neither the universe, nor any other Divine
Entity, either rewards or punishes us for the life we live. The
universe simply provides each one of us with a vast multitude of
Pathways on which to travel. It is our Choice of Pathways which
is the determining factor of what kinds of personalities, Destiny,
Karma, rewards, punishments, successes, failures and Lessons we
will encounter upon that particular Pathway.

Therefore, if we are currently unhappy with the Pathway we are
currently traveling, it is simply up to us to choose to leave our
current Pathway and select another Pathway which is in Harmony
with our Divine Nature and travel upon a Road which provides us
with the peace, Harmony, contentment and rewards which all of us
inwardly Seek.

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