Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Sword - Symbol Of The Mind

In the physical realm The Sword is a Symbol of Authority.
It is an instrument used by a king or queen to confer Knighthood.
Knighthood elevates a person to a higher "station" in society by
recognizing that persons achievements and qualities as being far
above normal and thereby worthy of a higher status. Very few
persons have been worthy of having Knighthood conferred upon
them by The Sword.

We see this Spiritual Excellence in King Arthur's Knights of the
Round Table. Each of King Arthur's Knights possessed Purity of
Heart and Fearless Valor. Their Knighthood was bestowed upon
each one of them by King Arthur first touching one of their
shoulders with the flat part of the Sword then raising the Sword
over their head (their Mind) to touch the other shoulder.

Esoterically, The Sword Symbolizes The Mind. Just as The Sword
can cut in both directions, so too can The Mind dissect both sides of
an issue until the basic fact (Truth) is revealed. We use the term
"double-edged sword" as a metaphor when referring to the rewards
and risks we must Weigh in our Decision making processes.

The Sword, as a symbol of The Mind, is alluded to in both myth and

The Sword In The Stone: Although many persons tried, only
King Arthur was able to remove the Sword from the Stone.
Symbolically, the Stone represents matter and all the mundane
aspects of matter. The Sword represents the highest aspects of
The Mind. King Arthur was able to pull the Sword from the Stone
because his Spiritually Illuminated Mind was far above the
petty bickering, selfishness, and Ignorance of the material world.
Pulling the Sword from the Stone "represents" separating the
Spiritually Evolved Mind from the entrapments of the material
world. Only King Arthur had the Spiritual Ability to accomplish
this task.

The Garden Of Eden: When man was cast out of the Garden Of
Eden an Angel with a "Flaming Sword" was sent to guard the
entrance to the Garden. The Angel was not sent to prevent man
from ever re-entering The Garden. The Angel was sent to simply
guard the entrance; to insure that only those with Pure, Illuminated
Minds may re-enter The Garden.

The Garden Of Eden is a metaphor for:
The Realm of Divine Unity...The Spiritual Womb.

This is a very powerful Metaphor. The Angel is a Neter (Divine
Principle) whose Symbol is a Flaming Sword. Flame is Fire, and
Fire represents Illumination! The Sword represents The Mind.
A "Flaming Sword", therefore, Symbolizes The Illuminated Mind.

Metaphorically, this teaches us that only those persons with
Illuminated Minds will be allowed to pass by the Angel with the
Flaming Sword and re-enter the Garden of Eden; The Spiritual

The Lesson of The Sword is an Esoteric and Sacred Instruction. It
teaches us that by putting our Mind to Its highest and best Spiritual
use, each one of us can Pull Our Sword from The Stone and
Re-enter The Garden Of Eden!

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