Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Past

If we don't remember the past, how will
we know when the future arrives?"
-Joseph Panek

The Past is one of the greatest gifts that can be presented to us.
It is a classic textbook of both Wisdom and folly. The Past contains
all of the Lessons, experiences, Consequences, achievements, and
tragedies of the countless individuals, and civilizations, which have
preceded us. It is also the realm of the Ancient Masters who made
certain that the Sacred Teachings and the Sublime Truths of
Antiquity were passed on to all future generations.

Mythologically, The Past is also the domain of Saturn, The Teacher
who bestows upon all people, organizations, and civilizations the
just rewards, or punishments, resulting from their Past behaviors.

The Lessons of The Past are the guidelines of the future. When we
learn from The Past we gain foresight and Awareness. There is no
need to randomly guess, or haphazardly "predict" what tomorrow
holds in store because, "What has been will be again, what has
been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun"

(Ecclesiastes 1:9). Therefore, to learn from The Past enables us to
understand, and foretell, what Destiny holds in store not only for
ourselves, but also our society and our planet.

In the oft-repeating Cycles Of Eternity, individuals have met with
disaster and empires have been razed to rubble simply because
they have Ignored the Lessons of The Past. These individuals and
empires always behave in the same manner: they Ignorantly and
pompously march off to do battle with History completely oblivious
to, and heedless of, the calamity which awaits them as they
cheerfully wave their ancient and tattered banner whose faded
Words proclaim: "This Time It's Different!"

In addition to The Past, there is also our past. Once we Become
able to learn from the past experiences of others, we then become
better able to learn from our own past experiences. This Learning
process simply requires that we place our ego aside and replace
it with a genuine thirst for knowledge and Wisdom.

History is replete with tyrants, despots, various clergy, and petty
thugs who have conducted monumental efforts to destroy Wisdom
and knowledge. Yet, with all of their misguided efforts, the Eternal
Spirit of Wisdom and Truth has always prevailed.

In addition, many individuals have been tortured and executed
throughout the endless Past for their efforts to provide their
generation, and all future generations, with Spiritual Guidance and
Divine Truth.

Books, manuscripts, and people can be destroyed, but the Divine
Essences of Truth and Wisdom cannot. These Divine Essences are
forever preserved, and carried forth, by Master Teachers,
indigenous cultures and Independent Thinkers.

And although ignored by many, these Teachings and Instructions
lie right before our eyes. They are the spiritual writings, philosophies,
legends, and mythologies which have been preserved through Time.
Our library shelves abound with many of these works which are
simply awaiting the touch of our fingers and the gaze of our eyes.

We owe it to ourselves, and our ancestors, to absorb these Lessons
and philosophies of The Past so that we can be better prepared for
what awaits us as we journey down our very interesting Path which
beckons us into our future.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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