Monday, October 6, 2008


"Times change"..."The only thing constant is Change".

These are often heard statements. Yet, they are also powerful

I am witnessing a dramatically changing Time in history. I have a
Choice to either focus on the current chaos, or on the Adventures
and Transformations which lie ahead.

There are only two choices and I can only Choose one.

For a new era to begin, the old era must come to an end. Birth of the
new comes from the death of the old. This is Transformation; this is
Creative Destruction.

In order to enter a new room, one must abandon the old room. To
enter a new life, one must abandon the old life. To Transform myself
into a higher being, I must abandon the lower being that tries to hold
me back.

I cannot climb a mountain if I insist on keeping one foot on the
ground below.

Ancient teachings present this Truth in the forms of Shiva and Seth,
the destructive forces of the universe. The Tarot presents this truth
by way of The Tower.

All things created by man come to an end. All material things come
to an end. Destruction of the old is necessary for the Creation of the
new. This is the Way of the Universe.

The beauty of the butterfly can only manifest with the Transformation
of the caterpillar. We all can take a Lesson from the caterpillar.
The caterpillar never doubts its process of manifestation. It willingly
allows its Transformation to happen, never doubting the outcome.

If I Choose to fight the current Changes I will only expend a lot of
negative energy. This is unhealthy for my body, mind and spirit.

Complaining will not stop Change. Debating will not stop Change.
Mobilizing forces will not stop Change. Worrying will not stop

These Changes will occur regardless of what anyone attempts to do.
Once Change begins, it cannot be stopped until it has run its full Cycle.

By accepting the Change that is now beginning, I instantly gain peace.
This allows me to be the Witness of Transformation and to take
advantage of the new opportunities and Adventures that will be
presenting themselves to me.

I accept change. I choose peace.

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