Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Call To Adventure (Part 2)

(This article is the explanation, and conclusion, of
The Call To Adventure)

What is this Call To Adventure? It is a personal Calling we receive
that challenges us to experience our True Path. It is an irresistible
beckoning that tests the very limits of our mind and spirit. It is the
unsilenceable Voice of Destiny that creates legends and heroes.
It is a Fantasy. It is an Obsession that has attracted, and enchanted,
numerous Seekers and Adventurers since the earliest beginnings of

Once we accept the Call to Travel our Path of Destiny there is no
turning back. Nothing can discourage us. Difficulties cannot stop us.
Fear will not deter us. Our pursuit is unrelentless and we cannot
interrupt, or stop, our Quest until we solve the Mystery of who we
are, what we can become, and what we can achieve.

Our Call To Adventure begins with a Stranger "knocking on our
door". This Stranger will sometimes be a real person who awakens
within us our desire to fulfill our Destiny and pursue our Dreams.
However, it is usually a nagging "feeling" within us that unsettles us,
rousts us from our laziness and comforts, and stirs us to Action.

Legend, Literature, and Myth tell of many Strangers who appeared
in someone's life and presented them with The Call To Adventure.
Here are just a few:

Glinda, The Good Witch Of The North, who directed Dorothy
to Oz and, eventually, back "home" to Kansas.
Albus Dumbledore, whose guidance enabled Harry Potter to
defeat the Dark Lord, Voldemort.
Gandalf, who knocked on Bilbo Baggins' door and Changed his
life forever.
Princess Leia, who beckoned Luke Skywalker to a galaxy far, far
away to face his Destiny in a battle with Darth Vader, his father.

At some point we either embrace Our Call or we discard it forever.
Those who accept "The Call" experience the Adventure of Traveling
their own Path and creating their own Destiny. Those who ignore
"The Call" will never experience the adventures of the Pilgrim, the
Wanderer, and the Seeker. To these people the Stranger may never
appear to them again.

But, who is this Stranger? It is a Voice, a Burning Desire, a Wizard
or Temptress Within, that entices, inspires, and bewitches us to
pursue our own Destiny and Travel our own Path. For the True
Seeker The Call of the Stranger neither disappears nor diminishes.
For this individual there is only one option: accept "The Call" and
experience the Adventure.

The Great Task is our Personal Destiny. We all enter this life with
our One Great Task: the fulfillment of our very own Personal
Destiny. Either we Choose to pursue it or we Choose to ignore it.

The Path is our own Special Path that leads to our Personal
Destiny. It is a Path that no one has Traveled before us and a
Path that no one will ever Travel after us. There has never been
another's Footprint on this Path. If WE do not Travel Our Path it
will go untraveled for all eternity and the Destiny that lies at its
end will never be realized.

Our Enemies are our own personal fears, doubts and insecurities.
They are our Demons Within that only we can conquer. It is by
vanquishing and banishing these Demons from our Personal
Kingdom that we gain Inner Strength and experience our Full

The Guides are the many different Teachers we meet along Our
Way. They provide us with knowledge and teach us all the skills we
require to defeat our Demons and complete our Great Task.
However, these Guides can only prepare us. We must always face
our Demons, and our Final Test, alone. This is the only way it can
be. And, who knows, perhaps someday we ourselves may be a
Guide assisting another Traveler along their very own Personal

Darkness. In this instance, Darkness represents Ignorance.
However, Darkness is banished by Light (Enlightenment).
Enlightenment is the acquiring of the Skills and Knowledge that
enable us to conquer Ignorance. Enlightenment is Wisdom!

When the Stranger tells us that "We are more capable than
we know", he is telling us that we have Latent Talents sleeping
within us that, once awakened, can accomplish the most
Fascinating Deeds.

The Great Darkness represents Great Failure. It is when we
"allow" our fears, doubts, and insecurities (our Demons Within)
to conquer us. It is the relinquishing of our Individual Sovereignty.
It is "accepting" to be at the mercy and Decisions of others; to live
someone else's life; to experience someone else's Destiny. When we
CHOOSE The Great Darkness we forfeit both our Dreams and our
Personal Destiny. We can no longer experience who we truly are
and all that we can become.

It is by accepting our Call To Adventure, Traveling Our Path to
its End, vanquishing our Demons Within, and fulfilling our Personal
Destiny that we experience The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

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