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Rituals And Ceremonies
(Their Symbolic Importance)

A Ritual or Ceremony is a celebration, a jubilee, a tradition. Through
these rites we re-live, re-enact, honor, Remember, and call forth
ancient Events, spiritual teachings, Divine Essences, and heroic tales.
Rituals and Ceremonies are also performed in order to "set a mood".

We can participate in Rituals and Ceremonies as either a part of a
group, or in a private and personal setting.

And although modern day Rituals and Ceremonies have been
reduced to merely Symbolic and festive group gatherings they are,
in fact, no less powerful now than when they were performed by our
ancient ancestors. In our modern world we have simply lost focus
of the true purpose and meaning of these very ancient traditions.

Even today indigenous cultures throughout the world participate in
Rituals and Ceremonies with the same respect and awe as did their
forefathers and ancestors.

For example, prior to going on a hunt for food, certain indigenous
cultures will draw a picture, usually upon a mound, of the animal
they are about to hunt and then devote their entire night praying
over the image, honoring it, and thanking it for the sacrifice it is
about to make for the benefit of the tribe or community.

The purposes of establishing, performing, and participating in
Rituals and Ceremonies are threefold.

1. To Remember and re-introduce us to the spirits, ancestors,
Lessons, and heroes which are part of our cultural and spiritual

2. To set a solemn mood by way of performing these rites in a
location which is Harmonious with the Ritual or Ceremony which
is being enacted;

3. To then Instill that solemn mood within us so that we can access
our Inner Being...Our Subconscious...our Atman, in order to
manifest whatever it is that is important to us in our Current

First: When we recall the spirits, ancestors, Lessons, and heroes of
our distant past we are reminded of the Divine Essences which they
represent. They represent the teachings, Wisdom, deeds, and
achievements which are at the core of the spiritual philosophy of our
particular culture. In fact, they are the teachings, Wisdom, deeds,
and achievements which have been, and still are, at the core of all
cultures ever since the most remote beginnings of the most
long-forgotten ages of mankind.

These spirits, ancestors, Lessons, and heroes are the inspirations
which elevate our Thoughts and feelings to the bliss, ecstasy, and
peace of the higher spiritual realms.

Second: As the purpose of Rituals and Ceremonies is to set a
solemn mood, they are performed in specially selected locations
which are Harmonious with inner tranquility and spiritual peace.
This is of particular importance regardless of whether these rites
are performed for group participation, or in private by ourselves.

Third: The performance of a Ritual or Ceremony slowly instills
within us a sacred and pensive mood through which we can then
access our spiritual nature, our Atman, and become intimate with

This feeling, this bonding with Divinity, is similar to a very deep
meditative state which puts us "in touch" with not only the
creative powers of our own Subconscious, but also the creative
powers of the Infinite and Divine Consciousness: powers which
can manifest Thought into reality.

When we enter this solemn, spiritual mood we are temporarily free
of all contradictory and disturbing Thoughts which can hinder us
from manifesting into our lives the object, or intention, of our desire.

While still in this solemn, sacred, and creative mood it is then
necessary for us to also act, through either Words or Action, upon
that object, lifestyle, or essence which we wish to manifest into our

Action, the invisible third element of creation, is the Rajas referred
to in ancient Sanskrit teachings. Without Action (Rajas), mood and
intention by themselves can not manifest whatever it is that we

When we look at Rituals, Ceremonies, and Creation in this manner
it is easy for us to understand why we often leave religious masses,
Rituals, and Ceremonies with an empty feeling.

To spiritually participate in a Ceremony, have our mood set by the
power of the Ritual, but failing to act while in the Spiritual Mood
instilled within us, is to waste the power of that Ritual or Ceremony.

All creation consists of, and is Symbolized by, the Trinity. Thoughts,
plans, and ideas can only be brought into manifestation by way of
Action (Rajas), which is the Third and final aspect of both Trinity
and Creation. (See: "The Three Gunas")

With this in mind, let us remember this Divine Truth the next time
we either participate in, or create, a Ritual or Ceremony. Upon
having our mood set by a solemn Ritual or Ceremony let us remind
ourselves that this is the most powerful and dynamic moment for us
to attempt to manifest, through Harmonious Words or Action,
whatever we feel is most important to us in our Current Incarnation.

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