Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alchemy and Self-Improvement

Ask the average person to give a definition of Alchemy and they
will tell you that "Alchemy is the turning of lead into Gold". In
addition, they will probably also add laughter and ridicule to their

There is a great amount of Ancient Wisdom hidden in the many
cliches and metaphors that have been handed down through the
generations, and "turning lead into Gold" is one such metaphor.

To turn lead into Gold. Many have tried and nearly that same many
have failed, save perhaps one. If any one person did succeed at
turning lead into Gold it would have been Nicholas Flamel. Nicholas
Flamel was a real person and is the same Nicholas Flamel referred
to in "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone".

But what is this Alchemy? This turning of lead into Gold?
Alchemy simply states that when you remove all that is impure,
what remains is pure. It is the turning of lead into gold on a
Spiritual level; the greatest Self-Help Secret of The Ages.

Many very good books have been written on how to "improve"
ourselves; how to become a "better" person. However, these books
leave us feeling that we must "improve" something in order to
Become "better".

This concept sends us on endless, often futile, pursuits of "perfection".
We may try many artificial methods to "improve" ourselves only
to find that none of these methods work for us. We can end up
frustrated and wonder what it was that we are doing "wrong".

Alchemy Teaches a much Simpler method. We must first realize,
and accept, that we are all born perfect and pure. However, along
the Path of life we accumulate many impurities such as vulgar
Language, negative Thoughts, poor self-esteem, wrong friends and
associates, and the need to live up to the expectations of others,
just to name a few.

Alchemy Teaches us that to return to our True perfection we
need not "improve" anything. We simply need to eliminate our
accumulated impurities.

And the really wonderful thing about this Alchemical process
is that we do not need to remove all of our impurities at once.
By removing one impurity at a time we become more and more
pure. When all of our impurities are eliminated we will once again
experience our True Perfection. At that Time we will actually be
able to turn lead into Gold on the material plane. However, that
will no longer be important to us.

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