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Quests and Fellowships

Mythology, legend, and folklore provide us with an abundance

tales whereby humans, elemental beings, or a combination of both,
come together to form a Fellowship in order to pursue a common

And although the Fellowships which are spoken of in myth and
legend tell us of noble deeds and near-impossible Quests, there

are also those down-to-earth Fellowships which most of us have
participated in while hardly being aware of the fact that we were,
indeed, part of a Fellowship.

In its most simple, basic, and earthly context, we participate in a
Fellowship when we are part of a school project, a sports team, or
a community planning group. Fellowships are also formed when a
group of complete strangers unite in times of local and national
emergencies. Fellowships can also be formed when a group of
complete strangers bond together, for a short period of time, while
on a pleasure cruise.

These are the simplest forms of Fellowships that many of us have
most likely participated in while being unaware that we were
a part of a Fellowship. And while these types of Fellowships

all serve a purpose, and provide value to our lives and experiences,
they are a far cry from the legendary Fellowships which are passed
down to us by way of mythology and folklore.

Since legendary Quests and Fellowships are such an important part

of our individual cultures and universal consciousness, let us take a
closer look at what they are and what they represent in their purest,
esoteric form.

A Quest is a Great Adventure. It is a noble task. It is a life-changing


A Fellowship is a voluntary union of complete strangers who

temporarily bond together to pursue a Quest. In other words, a
Fellowship is the motley combination of guides, mentors, and new
friends we encounter when we accept a Call To Adventure.

It is also interesting to note that while a Quest can be pursued by
an individual, a Fellowship requires a Quest to bond all of its
participants together.

Once a Quest is completed, the Fellowship that was formed to

achieve the purpose of the Quest automatically dissolves. And the
bond that once held this Fellowship together as a single unit now
Changes into a different kind of bond: a bond of an Old,
and Reminiscent Friendship.

And although this Fellowship will never come together again with
same purity and intensity it once held, the bond of Friendship
it Forges becomes a valued Memory...a coveted entity...
which remains
forever alive within those who participated in the
Quest for the remainder
of their days.

Some of the legendary and life-changing Quests and Fellowships of

mythology, legend, and folklore include:
...King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table: their chivalric
Adventures and their Quest for the Holy Grail;
...Jason and his Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece;
...Odysseus and his shipmates and their long, Adventure-filled,
back to their homeland;
...the Fellowship of hobbits, dwarfs, elves, and humans who

bonded together to destroy the One Dominating Ring in JRR
Tolkien's "Lord
Of The Rings";
...Luke Skywalker and his human, non-human, and robot,
who ultimately overcame the Evil Empire in "Star

...Harry Potter along with his close-knit circle of classmates, elves,

Wizards, magicians, and warlocks who ultimately defeated Lord

The list of heroic Quests and Fellowships is monumental. And once
the Noble Purpose or Legendary Pursuit of the Quest is achieved,
dissolution of the Fellowship must ultimately follow.

And though the participants in the Fellowship must finally part and
go their separate ways, the permanent bond that was sealed by
their Fellowship remains a forever burning ember of Remembrance
within each participant. This burning ember is an eternal reminder
of days long gone, and a Quest fulfilled. It is also a rare gift of an
inextinguishable, eternal, and Untarnishable Friendship that was
once Forged in the Fires of Companionship which is now part of
their fading but never forgotten Past

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