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(Dreams, Mythology, and Symbolism)

"I fly because it releases my mind
from the tyranny of petty things."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Angels can fly because they carry no burdens."
- Eileen Elias Freeman,
"The Angels' Little Instruction Book"

Most of us have had dreams of flying; of soaring to breathtaking
heights. In addition, the mythologies and legends of numerous
cultures throughout our world speak of winged-serpents, flying
horses, winged-angels, and flying carpets.

Flying is an inbred part of both our consciousness and our
Subconscious...our dreams. And because it is such a deeply
embedded part of our dreams, it means that flying is more than
just a mere curiosity. For, to be a part of our dreams, Flying must
also be an archetypal part of our DNA. This means that Flying
must be an original pattern, concept, myth, or Divine Principle
which has been a part of our collective unconscious since the
earliest ages of our most remote ancestry.

With these Thoughts in mind, let us look into the Symbolism and
mythology of Flying.

Symbolically, and in dreams, Flying represents: freedom, joy,
confidence, and independence.

Esoterically, it represents: the soaring mind, higher consciousness,
elevated perception, total Awareness, Spirituality, and the
All-Seeing Eye. Therefore Flying is a Spiritual reminder of the
Divine Essence, and unlimited potential, which exists within us
and forever accompanies us as our higher-self...our God Within...
our Atman.

As a Symbol for Ascension, Flying is similar to the Ladder.
However, where the Ladder represents indirect Ascension
achieved one-rung-at-a-time by way of many re-incarnations,
Flying represents the rapid, and direct,  Ascension which can
be achieved in one Incarnation.

Flying, as rapid and direct ascent, represents the freedom and
ability to soar at will above the mundane and superficial. It means
that all chains and obligations to the material realm have been
tossed away. All Lessons have been properly Learned and their
Wisdom thoroughly absorbed. We are now free to Fly-Away to
anywhere, and any-when, we Choose; for all bonds to the material
have been completely discarded.

As a note: further Symbolism for direct Ascension versus indirect
Ascension comes to us by way of two Neters from Ancient Egypt.
Osiris (the Ibis) represents the process of indirect Ascension
through many re-incarnations. Horus (the hawk) represents the
process of soaring to direct Ascension, which some are able to
achieve, in only one Incarnation.

An interesting quote regarding direct Ascension comes to us from
the Episode "Meridian" in the Stargate SG-1 series: "When the
mind is enlightened, the spirit is free and the body matters not."

The Winged Horse Symbolizes "the heightening power of natural
forces" ***.

The horse is an ancient Symbol for Travel and journeying. Adding
wings to the horse, therefore, enables it to not only Travel faster
but to also Travel into higher realms. The Winged Horse, therefore,
is a magical and mystical creature which has the spiritual ability
to carry a worthy and well-qualified Initiate away from the world
of gross matter and into the higher, more sublime, and rarefied
realms which are the domain of Spirit and Divinity.

The Winged Horse and the Unicorn are both mystical and
magical horse-like creatures that have the ability to Travel
between realms. But, unlike the Winged Horse, the Unicorn
does not carry anyone.

Winged Angels are Symbolic representations of enlightened
beings who have the ability to Travel between all realms and
act as Spiritual Guides, or Messengers

In addition, Angels are a much later representation of the
Egyptian Neter.

The Winged Serpent Symbolizes the Union of matter with
Spirit which is the inherent make-up of all persons, plants,
animals, and minerals which occupy the realm of duality and
matter. It is a Symbolic reminder that even the lowliest creature
contains the spark of Spirit within it.

The Flying Carpet: How many of us have been enchanted by
the "Tales of the Arabian Nights" wherein the hero, or heroine,
steps onto a Magic Carpet and is instantly transported anywhere
they desire?

Symbolically, a Carpet is a safe, restricted, special, and sacred
space which cushions us from, and separates us from, the earth
or floor beneath us; it also provides comfort and support.

Therefore the Flying Carpet is the Spiritual Support which
insulates us from the mundane and allows us to soar above
the troubles and obstacles which permeate the realm of matter.
In other Words, the Flying Carpet Symbolizes escape from the
mundane, gross, and superficial. It is the Symbolic vehicle that
can be used to Ascend to the higher and more sublime realms of
our most fascinating and spellbinding dreams. It carries us into
the realm of higher Awareness and allows us to perceive great
distances from a higher, and much purer, point-of-view.

In addition, because the Carpet is a flat surface, its Symbolism
is similar to the Truncated Pyramid.

*** From: "A Dictionary of Symbols" by J.E. Cirlot, page 251
in reference to Pegasus.

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