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Solomon - Symbol Of Wisdom

Who is the wise man?
He who sees what's going to be born."
- King Solomon

Who was King Solomon? We hear of the Wisdom of Solomon and
we hear of the Temple of Solomon. When we hear the name
Solomon we automatically associate the name with profound
Wisdom. But was Solomon a real person, or was he, like Homer,
a possible combination of many Ancient Teachers?

Is it also possible that the name Solomon is a title conveyed upon a
Master Teacher of an Ancient Mystery School? Schools in which
Wisdom and knowledge were passed down by "word of mouth",
from generation to generation, to Worthy Initiates, until they were
finally reduced to writing for the benefit of all future generations.

Certainly the Lessons which are credited to King Solomon are
sound, spiritual Truths. But, again we have the question of whether
King Solomon was a real person or one of a number of Master
Teachers who carried this ancient title.

When we look at the name Solomon it consists of two parts:
Sol + omon.

Sol is a word which means "sun". The sun is the Symbol for light,
enlightenment, and illumination. Even today we have the metaphor
"the light went on" to indicate that we finally grasped an idea.

Omon, or Amon, or Amun is an ancient Egyptian Word which
means "hidden", "secret", "esoteric", "unknowable" or "Veiled". It is
a Word which indicates special knowledge, and Wisdom, available to
only a select few individuals. We see this Word incorporated into
Egyptian titles such as Amon Re, Amenhotep, and Tutankhamun.

When we consider the name Solomon in this manner we see that the
name takes on a whole different and unique meaning. Solomon now
becomes "hidden light", "secret enlightenment", or "veiled
illumination"; terms which have esoteric meaning and are
representative of a title given to an individual who is one of a long
line of Master Teachers in an Ancient Mystery School.

In addition, when we are Instructed about the building of King
Solomon's Temple we are told that during the long years of its
construction no sound could be heard from the tools and
implements used by the workmen who toiled in erecting the

As we all know, constructing a building of any sorts is not
accomplished without the noise and sounds of toiling workmen.
This leads us to Believe that the Temple referred to as Solomon's
Temple is actually our own Inner Temple which consists of our
Body, Mind, and Spirit. And because the work was done without any
sound or noise, this labor is an inner labor which goes on noiselessly
within ourselves.

Therefore when we speak of the construction of King Solomon's
Temple we are referring to a metaphor for the inner work we must
perform upon ourselves in order to insure that our Personal Temple
is strong, correct, and unwavering. For only if our Personal Inner
Temple meets these esoteric requirements are we able to attain the
"hidden light" and "secret enlightenment" which the name Solomon

However, regardless of whether Solomon was a real person or
whether the name Solomon represents a title bestowed upon a
Master Teacher, the Wisdom and Truths passed down to us by
way of Sol-Omon are sound and Eternal. And, in the end, it is by
following the sacred guidance and Instruction passed down to us
by all Master Teachers of the Past that we are able to obtain the
torch of "Veiled Wisdom" which is available to all who take up the
Quest for Self-Instruction and Self-Illumination.

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