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Rites Of Passage
(Archetype Symbolism)

Although we may be unaware of it, most of us have experienced
a Rite of Passage at least once during our Current Incarnation.

In our mundane and everyday world voluntary Rites of Passage
occur in various different ways. Here are two examples of simple
Rites of Passage:

A "probation period" upon beginning a new job during which time
our employer can judge whether or not we are the appropriate hire
for his or her firm.

A "jostling period" in our interactions with other individuals in order
to determine whether or not they are compatible with us. Should
we find that we are compatible with each other, we are then able
to accept each other as either a new friend, partner, lover, or mate.

These types of Rites of Passage are experienced by probably
every one of us during some part of our life. And, although these
Rites of Passage are valuable and important to us at the time, they
are the simple Rites of Passage which we may not even be aware
of experiencing when they are presenting themselves to us.

However, a Rite of Passage also occurs in a very individual and
personal form. This Rite of Passage honors the Sacred meaning
behind the Rite of Passage Ceremonies which have been practiced
and revered within every world-wide culture since the very
beginning of Time.

These Rite of Passage Ceremonies acknowledge, celebrate, and
remind us that we are a part of a perpetual process. A process by
which we leave childhood and enter adulthood. It is the honored
moment when a boy enters manhood and a girl enters womanhood.

This Rite of Passage is an experience we are fully aware of and
actually look forward to with great excitement, pomp, and

But, what is the underlying Esoteric, or hidden, Lesson contained
within this involuntary Rite of Passage which which we all must

During the early years of our life we are unable to take care of
ourselves. Therefore, in order to simply survive, we need someone
to take care of us. This task falls upon our mother for she is the
one person whose sole responsibility is to nurture and protect us.

Our mother, therefore, becomes the living Symbol for the Mother
Archetype who is feminine, nurturing, and intuitive. Our Mother
Archetype caters to our early physical and emotional needs. Not
only is She nurturing, but her feminine intuition makes Her Aware
of our needs even though we cannot, or do not wish to, express
them. She is our protectress, guide, and nurturer during our
childhood years.

However, there comes a Time, generally about the age of puberty,
when we are now able to fend for ourselves. It as at this Time that
we enter adulthood and are now responsible for creating and
experiencing our personal Destiny.

This is the Time when our Mother Archetype unconditionally
releases us. She steps aside and graciously sends us off into
the domain of our Father Archetype.

Our Father Archetype is the masculine, assertive, and rational
aspect of adulthood. The Father Archetype teaches us how to
"hunt", interact, compete, and survive with our other fellow
adults. The realm of the Father Archetype is where we spend
the remainder of our Current Incarnation. It is the realm in which
we either enjoy the rewards, or suffer the Consequences, for all
of our Thoughts and Actions.

However, although we spend our entire adulthood in the realm
of the Father Archetype, it is very important that we remember
the early Lessons we learned while living in the realm of our
Mother Archetype.

For it is by Learning, and retaining, the Wisdom contained within
both the Mother and Father Archetypes that we are then able to
understand the importance of Blending of Differences, and the
Union of Duality, which our personal Rite of Passage endowed
upon us when we crossed the borders of Toyland and left the
realm of childhood.

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