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Sin and Judgment Day
(Symbolism, Mythology and Mysticism)

"The success or failure of your deeds
does not add up to the sum of your life.
Your spirit cannot be weighed.
Judge yourself by the intentions of your actions,
and by the strength with which you faced
the challenges that have stood in your way.
The universe is vast and we are so small.
There is really only one thing we can ever
truly control...whether we are good or evil."

- Oma Desala, Stargate SG-1, Episode, "Meridian"

What is Sin?

We come into our Current Incarnation Spiritually pure. At the
moment of our birth, it is just us and our Atman (Our God Within).

However, as we progress through our Incarnation we start
accumulating habits, thoughts and beliefs which are inconsistent
with our spiritual essence; Our Divine Nature.These dis-Harmonious
habits, thoughts, and beliefs are what is Esoterically referred to as

A great many of us have been Indoctrinated into believing that
Sin is "an act against God". Furthermore, we have also been
trained to Believe that this God is an all-powerful and judgemental
force which exists apart from us for the sole purpose of measuring
each one of our deeds.

We are further told that should this God solely determine that
our life on earth was an honorable existence, then this God will
grant us eternal happiness (Heaven). On the other hand, should
this God solely determine that our life on earth was unrighteous,
then this God will condemn us to eternal misery (Hell).

Of course this God also has a whole set of policies and procedures,
just like any other bureaucratic organization, to deal with those
individuals who fall somewhere in-between.

This is a whole lot of Guilt to lay upon someone who, according
to this set of teachings, has only one life to spend here on earth!

However, when we realize that God exists within each and every
one of us as our Atman (our God-Within), we are able to look at
our Current Incarnation, and Sin, in an entirely different light.

For, if God exists within us, and we perform an "act against God"
(a Sin), then the only entity we are truly offending and punishing is

With these thoughts in mind, we begin to have an entirely different
view of not only what Sin is, but who our Sins are against. So,
with this new viewpoint before us, let us again address the question
of "What is Sin?".

Sin is a Thought, Belief, Action, or Event which we either create,
indulge ourselves in, or submit ourselves to, either voluntarily or
involuntarily, which is in violation of Divine Law.

Sin is any activity we involve ourselves in which creates a dis-
Harmony, imbalance, confusion or Karmic Debt which negatively
affects our Spiritual growth and mental expansion.

An act of Sin can simply be some minor mis-deed which confuses
and unbalances us (venial sin) or it can be an extreme action which
actually destroys our Current Incarnation (mortal sin).

However, whether a violation is major or minor, a Sin is any Action
on our part which causes a disturbance in our Spiritual tranquility.

As very few of us engage in extreme and obvious mortal Sin, let us
concentrate on the minor, or venial, Sins which are so much a part
of our Current Incarnation.

When we begin to analyze Sin we can pretty much put it into one
of two categories:

1. Sin is any misguided or erroneous thought process or impression
which has become ingrained within us by way of Indoctrination and
training which disrupts the tranquility of our Incarnation;

2. Sin is any tendency, belief, or thought process built up over Time
which is detrimental to our Current Incarnation in that these things
are dis-Harmonious with Divine Law, limit our Spiritual and mental
expansion, and distract us from the noble Quest which we originally
came into our Current Incarnation to pursue.

Minor, simple, or venial Sins are thought processes and impressions
such as: "I'm too young", "I'm too old", "My parents would not
approve", "My church will not permit it", "People will talk", "That's
not the way I learned things in school",  "I don't want to be ridiculed
or gossiped about", "I have been trained not to think that way", etc,
etc, etc.

These impressions, which initially appear to be nothing more than
minor beliefs or Guilt Trips, are in fact the mental traps and
Self-Imposed Limitations (Sins) which destroy our individual
Sovereignty and throw us from the Path of our own personal Destiny.

Judgment Day:

Nearly all religions speak of a Judgment Day for the recently
deceased. The ancient Egyptians commemorated this Event by
way of a Ceremony which they called The Weighing of the Heart.

Judgment Day is the evaluation of a persons Incarnation. It is
the "day" when either Deity or a specific god or goddess determines
whether or not we have learned to sidestep and shed ourselves of
Sin. For those who have learned to rid themselves of Sin their
re-Incarnation into this plane of existence is over. These Spirits
then either re-Incarnate into a higher spiritual plane or have
completed their Cycle of Incarnations.

For those who have not learned to sidestep and shed themselves
of Sin, their re-Incarnations into this realm will continue until this
vital Lesson has been learned. Astrologically, these souls are
still subject to the to the disciplinary actions of Saturn in his role
of "Teacher of Hard Lessons".


Sin is the negative Karma, negative energy and negative
Consequences which we bring into our lives. Sin is the fears,
impurities, Inner Demons, Guilts, Self-Imposed Limitations,
false Beliefs and unbalanced energies which we allow to taint
the purity of our Spirit.

Therefore Sin is the weights which hold us down and hold us
back; weights which must be released in order for us to Become
pure and impeccable; weights which must be released so that
we can increase our Awareness, ascend, and experience
higher planes of existence and mingle with the higher and purer
Spirits, Beings, and Divine Essences which occupy these
sublime realms.

When we "sin" we do not Sin against an external Deity, we Sin
against ourselves.

When we "sin" we engage in Thoughts, Words and Deeds which
are in dis-Harmony with the Divine Laws of the Universe and we
create spiritual imbalances within ourselves.

When we "sin" we create negative Consequences which establish
Karmic Debts; Debts which must be paid for, and answered to, by
us either in this Incarnation or in following Incarnations.

The greater the Sin, the Greater the Karmic Burden. The lesser the
Sin, the lesser the Karmic Burden. However any Sin against
ourselves, whether large or small, carries a Karmic Burden and its
own set of Consequences.

This is the Lesson, nature and purpose of re-Incarnation: to rid
ourselves of Sin; to release our Spiritual Souls from all of the
confines, bondages and destructive Pacts of the material realm.

For the heaven or hell we, in fact, create for ourselves depends
entirely upon our desire and ability to rid ourselves of the debts,
burdens and Consequences which even the most minuscule act of
Sin inflicts upon us.

See also: "Egyptian Weighing of the Heart"

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