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(Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty)

 "A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
its loveliness increases;
it will never pass into nothingness."

- John Keats

"Beauty is not in the face;
beauty is a light in the heart."
- Kahlil Gibran

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Simply put, Beauty can be
different things to different people. There are probably as many
ways to judge Beauty as there are people in the world.

However, if we were to categorize beauty, we would eventually
come to the conclusion that there are basically two kinds of
Beauty: Outer Beauty and Inner Beauty.

Outer Beauty: In the strictest sense Outer Beauty is a type
of physical appearance, based solely upon external features,
which society has conditioned us to accept as being desirable,
fashionable, reliable, and trustworthy.

Some people are born with the natural features of Outer Beauty
while others find that it is necessary to create this outer
Appearance, to some degree. For most people, Outer Beauty is
easily created by means of a temporary camouflage of creams,
scents, ointments, styles, and various kinds of outer wrappings.

And although each one of us is entitled to look and feel as
attractive as we Choose, it is important to also understand that
Outer Beauty, by itself, is only one minuscule aspect of our
Divine Nature. If we rely upon Outer Beauty alone when we
present ourselves to others, this amounts to nothing more than
creating a false and temporary illusion of who we truly are.

Furthermore, those who rely upon the Appearance of Outer Beauty
alone in their interpersonal relationships, usually have very little, if
anything else, to bring into their relationships. And once their
temporary and fleeting illusion of Outer Beauty finally vanishes,
their unfulfilled and limited true character is all that they have left.

Inner Beauty: While Outer Beauty is but a temporary and
fleeting illusion, Inner Beauty is an Untarnishable and permanent
Truth. It is the purest expression of Beauty that the soul has to

And while Outer Beauty can be used to gain instant and temporary
gratification in the physical realm, Inner Beauty is Spiritual Magic
which enables the person who possesses it to enjoy permanent
contentment in all realms: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Inner Beauty is a warm and hypnotic "glow" which radiates from a
magical ember that burns deep within the person who possesses
it. Inner Beauty is a Divine Essence which cannot be manufactured.
And, it is amazing how Inner Beauty can make an "average looking"
person radiate with a magnetic glow and a heart-stopping presence.
It is a permanent Quality which makes this individual interesting,
desirable, trustworthy, and welcome.

Persons who possess Inner Beauty have positive and forward-
looking personalities. They are well-read and have a wide variety of
interests. These individuals are genuinely polite in their interactions
with others and harbor an Awareness, Insight, Intuition, Empathy,
and Radiance not found in the average person. In other words, this
person has a sincere interest in life.

When we encounter someone who possesses Inner Beauty, Time
seems to stand still as we gaze in wonder at this special person who
is standing before us. The sparkle in their eyes and their soft,
sincere, and innocent smile remind us of someone who is looking at
all things, and all people, with the same wonder, enthusiasm,
curiosity, and interest that we see in The Face Of A Child.

And just as Outer Beauty can be manufactured from without,
Inner Beauty can be created from within. The big difference
between these two is that while Outer Beauty is temporary and
fleeting, Inner Beauty is permanent and radiant.

So, how do we create Inner Beauty within ourselves?

The ember of Inner Beauty is lighted and stoked by a genuine
interest in Self-Instruction and Self-Improvement. These are the
same disciplines which were embraced by the Ancient Initiate.
Self-Instruction enables us to become well-read, well-informed,
and Aware. Self-Improvement is the cultivation, development, and
harvesting of our Inner Spiritual Self.

In closing, it is important to remember that we have been sent
into our Current Incarnation to experience this realm both
physically and Spiritually. Therefore, although it is important to
cultivate our Inner Beauty, thereby expanding our Inner Temple,
it is also important to respect, appreciate, and maintain, the
Outer Beauty of our Outer Temple. In doing so, we enable
ourselves to enjoy our Current Incarnation to its fullest
material and Spiritual measure.

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