Thursday, January 15, 2009


"Hate me for who I am if you will,
but do not hate me for telling you the truth."

-Sorceress Shota, "Wizard's First Rule", Terry Goodkind

The Truth is the Truth. It stands alone. It needs no explanation
or justification. It does not argue to defend itself and it does not
boast. The Truth is what it is...the Truth.

Furthermore, the Truth does not recruit, intimidate or make
demands. The Truth, and those who deal in the Truth, have no
need to explain, Deceive or confuse. Those who speak the Truth
are usually quiet, soft-spoken and "to-the-point". Once they
answer a question, or make a statement, they leave it up to us
to digest what they have said. Anyone trying to force a "cause"
or "Belief" on us through either intimidation or guilt is most likely
not a bearer of Truth.

The Truth can come to us from anywhere, and at any time. It can
come to us by way of a best friend, a disinterested stranger, or our
most bitter enemy. Regardless of where it comes from, the Truth
is the Truth, and it is our responsibility to recognize it when it is
revealed to us.

To recognize the Truth we must guard ourselves against harboring
any pre-conceived judgments, or Opinions, regarding the issue,
or Event, which we are evaluating. It is these pre-conceived
judgements and opinions that get us into a lot of trouble by
distorting our Thoughts and feelings.

Whenever we say: "that can't be possible" or "I refuse to believe
that", we are closing our mind to all present possibilities: we are
closing our minds to Truth. First of all: everything is possible and
we need to accept this fact. Secondly: to "refuse to believe" means
we refuse to accept the possibility that something may be True.

Very few people are capable of unbiased judgements and opinions.
This is why the Truth is only recognized by a rare few, and why
the vast majority of people are continually being "fooled".

The fact that most people think that something is true does not
make it True. It simply means that most people "think" that it
is true. And the vast majority is usually on the wrong side of all
important issues.

Although we may not be able to know if something we are
confronted with is true, we very often have a "gut feeling" that
tells us that what we are hearing doesn't "feel quite right".
Although "gut feelings" are very often correct, true Insight and
Intuition take a long time to develop. It is only after we have
properly developed these Spiritual Talents that we should rely
upon them alone. Until then, we can use our "gut feelings" as
warning signals that something is not "quite right".

The Truth is...The Truth is all around us. We simply need to
Listen, Observe (without any attachment) and Verify whatever
it is that we are either hearing, or experiencing. While always
keeping in mind that, "if it doesn't feel right, don't do it!"

(See also: "Self Deception")

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