Sunday, February 21, 2010


"For every thing there is a season,
and a time for every purpose under heaven."


Relationships are Cycles in our lives. And just like any other Cycle,
they serve a purpose for a specific duration of Time.

Good Relationships are gifts; they are Blessings. We should be
thankful for experiencing a good Relationship when it enters our life
and be prepared to let it go when its Cycle comes to an end.

Relationships, like Cycles, can be extremely short, extremely long,
or fall somewhere in-between.

An example of an extremely short Relationship is a stranger who
provides us with directions when we are lost. We are thankful to the
stranger and leave this Relationship with a warm feeling of kindness
toward this individual for entering our life at the appropriate Time
and giving us guidance.

An example of an extremely long Relationship would be a childhood
friendship which remains with us for the duration of our Incarnation.

Marriages and romantic intimacies are also Relationships which
can last for varying degrees of Time. Some marriages last a lifetime
for both partners. However, a large number of marriages last for
only a finite amount of Time before their Cycles come to an end by
either divorce or through the physical death of one of the partners.

Physical death of one of the partners is Divine termination of a
Relationship once its purpose - its Cycle - has been completed.
And although we may feel as if a gift has been taken from us when
such an Event occurs, we eventually come to realize that Divinity,
in Its Infinite Wisdom, has provided us with a golden, untarnished
Memory which will accompany us, and guide us, throughout the
remainder of our Incarnation.

When we think back on our Past and current Relationships we
come to realize that none of these Relationships started out as
"bad". They all began with excitement, expectation, Hopes, and
dreams. And although they may have eventually deteriorated into
a "bad" Relationship, they did not start out that way.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for us to understand, and accept,
in a Relationship is when its Cycle is coming to and end. Upon
recognizing that a Relationship is coming to an end we should be
prepared to end the Relationship with the same tenderness and
kindness with which it began. We should bow out gracefully and
take nothing but fond experiences and Memories with us. Ending
a Relationship in this fashion is a sign of respect, class, and Wisdom
which has a positive effect and leaves both partners with warm
and kind Lessons and memories as they continue down the Path
of their future.

Failing to understand when a Relationship is over, and failing to
close a Relationship with class, respect, and Wisdom turns a once
wonderful experience sour and creates ill-will and negative Karma
for the concerned individuals throughout the remainder of their
physical Incarnations.

Relationships are special gifts and Blessings bestowed upon
us by Divinity and should be experienced and respected as such.
However, should it become necessary to close a Relationship, we
should invoke, and employ, Wisdom in the closure process.
For Wisdom, by its very own perfect nature, will allow both
individuals to move on while maintaining warm Memories of a
Relationship that was once wonderful, exciting, and young.

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