Sunday, February 28, 2010

Words - And Their Power

"Everything becomes a little different
as soon as it is spoken out loud."
- Hermann Hesse

There are two ways in which we can manifest our Thoughts. One
way is through our Actions and the other way is through our spoken
Words. In both instances we take our Thoughts, concepts and ideas
out of the mental realm and place them in the physical realm...the
realm of the senses.

To turn a Thought into something sentient, something recognized
by the senses, is an act of Creation. Therefore, it is important for us
to remember that each time we speak, each time we utter a Word,
we create. And these creations of ours, our Words, can manifest
either good or ill. The Choice of our verbal creation is entirely up
to us.

When a Thought enters our mind there are three things we can do
with it: we can dismiss it, we can allow it to linger, or we can act
on it. Once we act upon a Thought by verbalizing it, the Words we
speak Become a living entity which can develop into either our best
friend or our worst enemy. Our spoken Words can create Karmic
rewards or Karmic debts. Our Words can bring people closer to us
or they can force people further from us. Our Words can turn into
either a Blessing, or a curse.

Let us look at some examples of how our spoken Words can have
an effect on ourselves and on others:

We may dislike another person, and that person may think and
feel that we dislike them, but until we actually tell the other person
that we dislike them no real harm has been done. However, once
we use Words to tell this other person how we feel about them we
create a living specter which will always stand between the two
of us.

We may care for, or appreciate, someone but until we actually
speak our Words of appreciation to this individual they will never
truly know how we feel. However, once we use Words to reveal
our feelings to this person an invisible and permanent bond forms
between the two of us and a new Relationship is created.

We may respect the efforts, behaviors and personality traits of
another individual, but until we compliment this individual with our
Words, they cannot ever fully realize that we appreciate them for
who they are and for what they do. However, once we use Words
to communicate our respect for this other person the Relationship
we currently have with this individual becomes elevated to an
entirely new level.

Words are powerful. We use Words to express ideas, bind
friendships, and make Promises. "His Word is his bond", or, "Her
Word is her bond" is the highest compliment one person can bestow
upon another; it firmly implies that the person being referred to is
trustworthy and honorable.

Words can be used to disarm a hostile adversary, comfort someone
in need, enter into commitments, or tell a lie. We can also use Words
to create emotions. Words are so powerful that they can produce
tears of sorrow and tears of joy.

Our Choice of Words not only creates the world around us but also
the world within us. Words define who we are and how we are
perceived by others. Our Words can make other people appreciate
us and enjoy our company or our Words can make us "distasteful"
to others and cause them to avoid our company.

Therefore, before we speak, we should be very careful of the Words
we Choose. For our Words determine who we are, who we will
Become, how we affect the world around us, and how we will
experience our Current Incarnation.

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Unknown said...

Thank you Joe. This is such a gold mine. Have you thought of turning it into a book or even an ebook?