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Huginn And Munnin - As A Symbol

In one of the portrayals of the Norse god Odin, he appears with
two Ravens; one perched on either of his shoulders. Their names
are Huginn and Munnin and they are the Symbols for Thought and

Huginn, which represents Thought, is perched upon Odin's right
shoulder and Munnin, which represents Memory, is perched upon
Odin's left shoulder. Each morning these two Ravens leave Odin's
shoulders and circle the world, reporting back to Odin that evening
all that has transpired throughout his domain on that particular day.

It is very common in Mythology to encounter two deities, entities,
or concepts which have nearly identical, rhythmic names yet
represent two different aspects, or polarities, of a Divine Principle.
One of these aspects represents the masculine Principle and the
other aspect represents the feminine Principle.

In this portrayal, Huginn, which represents Thought, is the
masculine Principle, and Munnin, which represents Memory, is the
feminine Principle. Odin, who sits between them, and Symbolizes
the Transcendence of Duality, is the One Unifying Divine Principle.

When we see a Symbolic depiction such as Huginn, Munnin and
Odin we immediately ask ourselves: What does all of this elaborate
Symbolism mean? What are the ancient ones attempting to tell us
in Symbols rather than in Words?

Upon taking a closer look at the Symbols we begin to get a much
better understanding, and feeling, for what this cryptic Symbolism
is relaying to us.

Huginn: Symbolically, Thought is similar to ideas. Nothing can be
created without first being a Thought. Thought is the "spark" of
Divine Energy; it is the unspoken and Spiritual Word of God; it is
the Hermetic Logos; it is the Seed of creation. And, as Thought is a
masculine Principle, Huginn is perched upon Odin's right shoulder;
as the right side of our body is the masculine side of our human

Munnin: Memory is the feminine receptacle, or Womb, into which
Thoughts and ideas are deposited, protected, and nurtured so that
they can Marinate, grow, and eventually manifest themselves.
When looked at in this way, Munnin is a Symbol for the birth
process which occurs in the non-physical realm which mythology
refers to as the Virgin Birth.

Munnin (Memory) is also a Symbol of, and a metaphor for, the
Akashic records. And, as Memory is a feminine Principle, Munnin
is perched upon Odin's left shoulder; as the lift side of our body is
the feminine side of our human form.

Furthermore, what good purpose can a Thought or idea serve us
if there is no safe place for us to deposit it, store it, and protect it?
Without the Womb of Memory to deposit our Thoughts and ideas
into, they would all be lost in the wind.

On the other hand, what good purpose can a Memory serve us if we
have no creative Thoughts or ideas to deposit into it? Without the
Seed of Thought, Memory would simply be an empty Womb from
which creation could never manifest itself.

Masculine and feminine principles rely upon each other, in all
realms of existence, so that creation, in all of its infinite forms,
can manifest. Hence the concept, and Symbolism, of Huginn and

But what of Odin? What does this Divinity represent in our
Symbolic portrayal?

Odin: Odin is the Unifying Principle. Odin is the Spiritual Energy
which reunites all aspects of Duality back into Unity. In this way,
Odin represents the Spiritual Purpose of our Current Incarnation.

The highest purpose of our personal journey is to become the one
unifying principle which understands, and transcends, all of the
dualistic mundane issues of our Current Incarnation. Once we can
look upon our current journey as an Unattached Observer of Events
it becomes easy for us to Blend both aspects of Duality back into
one common issue. Once we are able to do this, we become able to
abandon the petty bickering of the common horde, which torments
so many of us, and Ascend the Ladder, step by step, into the higher
Spiritual Realms. For when we enable ourselves to know all (Huginn)
and to remember all (Munnin) we then build within ourselves the
cornerstone of Truth, Wisdom and Unity (Odin).

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