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"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but
of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."
-Albert Einstein

Wisdom is a rare Spiritual Gift which has been bestowed upon
merely a scant few mortals. Wisdom should not be confused with

Knowledge manifests itself in our minds. And although our Mind
provides us a direct access with Divinity, its main purpose is to
enable us to function and interact within the Physical Realm.

Our Mind is a "open gateway" which allows us to collect and absorb
knowledge. Knowledge is logic and reason. Knowledge teaches us
how to measure, recognize and understand the phenomena we
experience in the Material Realm of our Current Incarnation.

Knowledge is something that is readily available, easily accessible
and easy to understand for the vast majority of people. Each of us
has pursued different degrees and types of knowledge and it is
these degrees and types of knowledge that separate one type of
knowledgeable person from another. To increase our knowledge we
simply need to increase the amount of information we are able to
digest. A person can digest and understand vast amounts of
knowledge yet never come close to acquiring Wisdom.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is the highest and purest form of
Knowing and Understanding. Wisdom is Spiritual Alignment,
Insight, and Awareness. Wisdom is understanding the Spiritual
Essence contained within all Thought and matter. Wisdom is the
unique ability to balance (harmonize) Duality, in all its aspects.
Wisdom is Gnosis!

A person who possesses Wisdom has the rare ability to tap into this
highest and purest form of Knowing and Understanding in order to
apply these Spiritual Gifts in the Material World.

When we hear of "the Wisdom of Solomon", this phrase instills
a reverence and awe within us. We ask ourselves how could one
person make monumental Decisions, and dispense justice, with such
Simplicity yet be so highly respected and memorialized. It is because
Solomon was able to "see" all things in their highest, purest and
Simplest forms. This enabled Solomon to make respected, common
sense, Decisions on all matters that were brought before him.
Whenever we hear the name Solomon we immediately associate it
with Wisdom.

Wisdom, by its very nature, is an extremely rare "Gift of the Gods"
that can only only be experienced by a select few individuals. And
although history tells us of a number of Wise Men, Master Teachers,
and Magi who have come before us, and left us their Footprint, their
numbers pale when compared to the vast multitudes who have never
come close to attaining True Wisdom.

The Lesson passed down to us within the myth of Prometheus tells
us just how Precious and Rare the Divine Gift of Wisdom truly is.
Prometheus gave the Gift of Fire to mankind. And for this act, which
was against the will of the gods, Prometheus was chained to a
mountain top where each day a vulture would come and feed upon
his liver.

As with all myths and legends we need to look within the story in
order to understand the Symbolism and Metaphor they are
presenting to us. Symbolically, "Fire" represents Light...Illumination
...Enlightenment...Wisdom! Prometheus, of his own accord, Chose
to give the Gift of Wisdom to all mankind. However the "gods"
understood that mankind, in general, was not ready for such a
Powerful and Divine Gift. For his callous act Prometheus was
severely punished.

The moral of this legend: Mankind, in general, has never been and
still is not ready for the Divine Gift of Wisdom. History, and current
Events, show that whenever Mankind is presented with Truth and
Wisdom they greet it with scorn, mockery, ridicule, suppression and
destruction. Therefore, the "gods" were correct in punishing
Prometheus for his thoughtless act.

Although Wisdom cannot be bestowed upon the common masses,
it is not unusual for certain individuals to discover, understand and
possess this Divine Gift through their personal efforts. These
privileged individuals deeply appreciate and sincerely respect this
Precious Gift when it comes into their possession. These individuals
understand that Wisdom is the one Divine Gift that separates "gods"
from mortals.

But how do we understand and recognize Wisdom? Wisdom is
Spiritual Harmony. Wisdom continually seeks out Truth and Balance.
Wisdom does not entertain doubt, rumors, and unfounded Opinions;
it resolves them. Wisdom does not look for someone to "blame"
when things fail to go according to plan, it seeks out the cause of the
Event. Wisdom expresses itself by Harmony, not by force. Wisdom
is the ability to balance Mercy with Justice. Wisdom is knowing
how to balance Duality in all its forms, as Symbolized by the
Vesica Piscis.

Wisdom is the ability to use our Spiritual Gifts of Insight and
Awareness to evaluate and resolve the Decisions we are confronted
with during our Current Incarnation in the material realm. Wisdom
is the highest and purest form of Spiritual Knowing and
Understanding. Wisdom is the Gift of Divinity, the Holy Grail,
bestowed upon those rare few who make the gallant effort to
understand it, Seek it out and recognize it when it is presented to

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