Sunday, March 21, 2010


"God does not play dice with the Universe."
- Albert Einstein

"There is no such thing as a random coincidence."
- Joseph Panek

When two or more apparently unrelated Events or circumstances
happen at the same time it is not unusual for us to say, "wow,
what a strange coincidence!". We then tend to brush-off these
unexpected occurrences of as simply an un-natural phenomenon
or a random act of Nature.

Unexpected, perhaps. But to accuse Nature (which is an aspect of
Divinity) of performing something randomly or un-naturally is to
cast false judgement on Divinity Itself!

There are many Laws of Nature which we may be unfamiliar with.
But, just because we are unaware of them, this does not make them
un-natural or random.

There is no such thing as an un-natural coincidence. Everything
which occurs in the Universe does so for a specific Divine reason;
and it does so at its appropriate moment in Time.

When we speak of coincidences, what we are really speaking of are
events or circumstances which coincide with other circumstances
or events. Thus, coincidences are, in fact, coincide-ences.

The Universe contains an infinite number of Cycles which repeat
throughout Eternity. When two or more of these Cycles coincide
with one another an event, a coincide-ence, occurs.

When the appropriate amount of pressure builds up beneath the
earth's crust, it looks for a weak spot through which it can escape.
This coincide-ence of pressure and a weak spot in the earth's crust
causes a volcanic eruption to occur.

When temperature reaches a certain level it will cause an oily rag to
combust. This coincide-ence of temperature and flammable material
causes the oily rag to burst into flames.

These events may be unexpected; they may even be unfortunate;
but, they are not un-natural or random.

Coincidences, things which coincide, are natural pieces of a Divine
Puzzle which are governed by Divine Law. And though a Divine
Law may be a Divine Mystery to us, it is a Divine Law nonetheless.

These Divine Laws, these Coincidences, are a Mystery to us simply
because at our current level of evolution our faculties have not yet
progressed far enough to recognize and understand the Divine
Truths which lie hidden behind these Divine Laws...these Divine
Mysteries...these Coincidences.

With these thoughts in mind, the next time we experience an
"unusual coincidence" let's not simply "brush it off" as a mere
happenstance but recognize that "something" mysterious and
special is happening which we should pay attention to, investigate
and Learn from.

Coincidences are the veiled Mysteries of the Universe. Once we
begin to pull aside the veils which hide these Mysteries we become
Aware of all of the undiscovered Magic which Nature has conjured
up for us in order to make our Current Incarnation the Adventure
of a lifetime!

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2010
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