Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Ancient Initiate

"Know thyself"
- Inscription above the entrance of
the Temple of Apollo at Delphi

In the Remote Past, Sacred Schools were established by Master
Teachers. It was in these schools that Master Teachers provided
Instruction to well-qualified individuals, who were in search of
Enlightenment, about the Secret Mysteries of the Physical and
Spiritual Worlds. These schools have come to be known as the
Ancient Mystery Schools. The individuals who were granted
admittance into these Mystery Schools were referred to as

Although many men and women applied for admission into these
Mystery Schools, only a few were accepted. The Master Teachers
first weeded-out the applicants who were seeking admission simply
out of "curiosity". Next, they eliminated those applicants who were
considered to be either too lazy, or simply unable, to dedicate
themselves to understanding and mastering the Knowledge and
Wisdom that these Sacred Institutions had to offer.

The applicants who were accepted into the Mystery Schools were,
indeed, the well-qualified and dedicated few who would invest the
time and energy necessary to learn the Knowledge and Wisdom that
the Master Teachers were about to impart to them.

Two important facts must be remembered regarding these Ancient
Mystery Schools:

First: Admission into the Mystery Schools was open to both men
and women. The gender of the person was not important. What
was important was whether the applicant was well-qualified,
dedicated, and able to handle the years of Spiritual and Mental
disciplines that lay before them.

Second: application for admission into these Mystery Schools was
completely voluntary. In addition, the Initiate was free to leave the
School should he, or she, determine that the Way of the School was
not in Harmony with their Personal Path. Needless to say, very few
Initiates Chose to quit these Mystery Schools.

But who were these Initiates of the Remote Past? And why did
they voluntarily dedicate years of their lives in order to understand,
and master, Sacred and Secret Mysteries...Mysteries that were
considered Ancient even during their lifetimes?

These Ancient Initiates were Seekers of Truth and Wisdom.
It was their Divine Calling to seek out, understand, and master the
Knowledge and Wisdom that govern the the Eternal Cycles of
Man and Spirit. These Initiates, these Seekers, did not look upon
the Teachings of these Mystery Schools as an obligation they must
endure. Instead, they looked upon their Lessons and Disciplines as
an Adventure that was in Harmony with their Divine Nature. They
appreciatively, and enthusiastically, embraced the Knowledge and
Wisdom that the Master Teachers of these Mystery Schools were
pleased, and honored, to bestow upon them.
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Troy Parker said...

Iv been drawn to the egyptians i for have to see them for some reason i've been having this search for the past year i can't control it. Its as if everything iv thought in life is coming into full circle now and this blog has truth to it A LOT OF TRUTH why i feel that way is beyond me until i get too physically be in the presence of the pyramids energy