Sunday, July 11, 2010


"The wise adapt themselves to circumstances,
as water moulds itself to the pitcher."

-Chinese Proverb

Nature is a process of continuing Cycles, patterns and rhythms.
Her Cycles, patterns and rhythms produce Events. Events produce
circumstances and Consequences. This process has been in
existence longer than any one of us mortals. Yet we mortals actually
Believe we can out-think, control, and even defy, Nature's eternal

When we consider that every Consequence is the result of an Event,
and that every Event is a process of Nature, then we must also
accept the Truth that an Event is neither good nor bad; it is Simply
part of an eternal process.

With these Thoughts in mind, let us take a look at some Events,
their consequences, and how we often Choose to "label" the results
of these Events.

Large waves are natural occurrences on the vast oceans of our
planet. When they occur in uninhabited areas or upon the vast and
empty expanse of our seas, we consider them to be natural Events
and take very little, if any, interest in them. However, should a large
ship be capsized by one of these large waves we automatically
categorize this natural wave as a "rogue" wave and accuse Mother
Nature of creating a catastrophe. Whereas, in Truth, the fault
actually resides in our inability to understand and recognize this
natural rhythm of Nature.

It is interesting to note that on one hand we classify a large wave
as a natural Event while on the other hand we call it a calamity;
same Event yet different label.

Earthquakes and tectonic plate movements are part of Nature's
ongoing rhythmic process. When a seismic Event occurs under the
sea or in some remote area of our planet we dismiss the Event
almost immediately. However, should this same Event occur below
a community, town, or city, we consider this natural Event to be a
tragedy created by Mother Nature. Two identical Events: one
viewed with very little interest while the other is viewed as a great

This is not to say that the premature loss of life is not a tragedy,
for it is. It is to say that our Ignorance of, or complacency with,
Nature' s Laws, rhythms, and Cycles is what is tragic, not the
Event itself!

Another example of Events are the news "events" so many of us
anxiously await at the end of our day. What many of us call either
"good news" or "bad news" is really neither. The "news" we watch
and listen to is nothing more than an after-the-fact report of the
Consequences resulting from a previous Event, or Action. By the
Time we hear about these Consequences both the initial Event and
the ensuing Consequence have long since passed. It is merely how
we Choose to Interpret, or "label", these after-the-fact "news
events" that affect our emotions and Thoughts.

Every Event, or Action, has a Consequence. Therefore, an Event
is an Action which is simply a prelude, or catalyst, to a Consequence.
It is up to us to recognize an Event for what it is and thereby
understand, Foresee, and perhaps even profit from, its forthcoming

We occupy this planet in partnership with Mother Nature. Mother
Nature is a Divine Principle; an Egyptian Neter. It is our personal
to be familiar with Her Laws, Cycles, rhythms, and
patterns. By understanding and being in Harmony with Her, we
will find Mother Nature to be nurturing and Giving. By doing
otherwise, we may find ourselves being disciplined for our
misbehavior and Ignorance.

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