Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trivia - Three Paths

"Learning is the very essence of humility,
learning from everything and from everybody.
There is no hierarchy in learning.
Authority denies learning and a follower will never learn."

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names."
-Chinese Proverb

The word Trivia has come to be associated with any information or
knowledge which is either insignificant, purposeless or has only
minuscule value.

However, upon taking a closer look, we find that the word Trivia is
actually composed of two roots: tri and via. Tri means "three" and
via means "road" or "path". By combining these two roots we
discover that the word Trivia actually means "Three Paths".

Suddenly, a word which we have always thought to mean one thing,
in fact, actually means something entirely different.

When we look up its etymology (the ancient roots of modern words)
we learn that Trivia is the plural of the Latin word trivium which
means "a place where three roads meet". *** Therefore, the word
Trivia, being plural, actually means "places where three roads meet".

Three is the number of Creation which is Symbolized by the
Christian, Gnostic, and Esoteric Trinity. Three is also the number of
sacred Gunas which are revealed to us in Vedic teachings.

A "place where three roads meet" is Symbolized by the letter Y,
which is also the Symbol for "crossroads".

As we can see, the midpoint of this Symbol unites Three individual
branches, legs or roads. This mid-point is the Esoteric focal-point
where Three essences, energies, Thoughts or Pathways meet in
order to manifest in a synergistic manner; whereby the final
Creation is greater than the sum of the original Three parts. This
synergistic manifestation can take place on any of the Three planes:
physical, mental or spiritual.

In fact, the esoteric focal point of the Three roads can also Symbolize
Creation which simultaneously combines a physical path, a mental
path, and a spiritual path; thereby representing manifestation on
the grandest of all scales - Enlightenment!

When Alexander the Great founded Alexandria he wanted it to be
the "crossroads", the "meeting point", the "focal point" for all
Wisdom, knowledge and theologies of the known world. He realized
that when we combine our diverse physical, mental, and spiritual
faculties we not only share and create, but we also grow synergistic-
ally as individuals, cultures, and nations.

In this he succeeded, and the numerous cultural diversities which
were blended together in his Alexandria found their way to the
most distant parts of the then-known world. Alexandria's Trivia
became the world's Fortune.

So, as we can see, Trivia is not so "trivial" after all. It is amazing
how, after time, the true meaning of this word has been turned
completely around and is no longer used and understood in its
proper context. This is an excellent example, a metaphor if you will,
of how Wisdom and Truth lie openly hidden all around us and we
simply fail to "see" them.

Words are powerful. Their specific meanings not only Name, but also
describe and limit those things to which they are referring. It is by
delving into, and tracing back, the ancient roots of our modern
Words and phrases that we can begin to understand the essences
and Wisdom which our most distant ancestors have passed down
to us.

*** Reference: The Barnhart Dictionary Of Etymology

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