Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cornucopia - Symbol for Abundance

The Cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, is a spiral-shaped Horn from
which fruits, vegetables, flowers, and grains pour forth in limitless

On the material plane, the Cornucopia is a Symbol which reminds
us that Mother Nature perpetually provides us with everything we
require to sustain and nourish ourselves. While we are eating a
grape, Mother Nature is at work growing another grape. While we
are eating an apple, Mother Nature is at work growing another

In addition, the Cornucopia also Symbolizes the many different
Roads each one of us can Travel while making our Choices,
Seeking our opportunities, and pursuing our Destiny.

The Cornucopia also reminds us that this Abundance is available
to everyone. And although we may not personally enjoy all of the
nourishments Mother Nature makes available to us, there are
other persons who enjoy those items which do not appeal to us.
In the end, the inexhaustible bounties of Mother Nature are
enjoyed by all.

However, the Symbolism of the Cornucopia is not limited to only
the physical realm. The Cornucopia also Symbolizes perpetual
replenishment in both the mental and spiritual realms.

In the mental realm it Symbolizes the boundless Abundance of
opportunities, ideas, and Choices which Divinity makes available
to each one of us. Regardless of how many Thoughts, ideas,
opportunities, and imaginings we may experience and enjoy,
the universe continually provides an inexhaustible Abundance of
these notions and experiences and makes them available to all
who Choose to partake in them.

In the spiritual realm, the Cornucopia Symbolizes the infinite
supply of Spiritual Guidance which is available to all who Seek it.
Regardless of how much enlightenment and spiritual advancement
we may attain, Divine Generosity maintains a continuous and
endless supply of enlightenment and Abundance for all who Choose
to participate in this Spiritual Buffet.

Sometimes we may feel that this material plane we have Incarnated
into is a jumble of confusion, complexity, and chaos. However,
if we look at these things for what they are we find that they are
simply a Cornucopia of Choices and options that are made available
to all of us so that we may select, and enjoy, those things which are
in Harmony with our Divine Nature...our personality. Without a
Cornucopia of Choices we would not be able to select those things
we need and desire in order to properly experience, and enjoy, our
current earthly Incarnation.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you! This was insightful and helped me clarify some of my own thoughts...I had a dream this morning and the word cornucopia was spoken quite clearly (most of my dreams are silent (things are communicated telepathically)so anything spoken is of particular interest)after "mentioning" a move I've been debating for awhile...anyway just wanted to say thank you :)