Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Subconscious

Although an idea may originate in the mind, it is in the Subconscious
that this idea is brought into Fulfillment.

An idea, or Thought, belongs to the Mental Realm and is therefore
"limited" to whatever the mind is currently able to understand.
The Subconscious, however, is the Spiritual Realm which is
"unlimited" in its power to both Understand and Create.

The idea that originates in the mind is a Seed. This Seed, like all
other seeds, needs fertile ground in which to grow, blossom and
Manifest. The Fertile Ground in which the Seed of an Idea
manifests itself is the Subconscious.

Our Subconscious is our Spiritual Womb. And just like any other
"womb" it is a fertile environment that protects and nurtures
whatever Seed is placed in it in order for it to grow, blossom and

But how does this all happen?

Our Subconscious is part of our Divine Nature. It is also the
Spiritual part of us that is directly connected to the Eternal
Consciousness where all acts of Creation take place. In other
words, our Subconscious is a Direct link to the Eternal
Consciousness where everything that ever will be already exists
in its unmanifested form.

We can liken our Subconscious to our Atman (our "God Within")
that is permanently and directly linked to Brahman (the Eternal

We can look at this mental-Spiritual Relationship which exists
within us in the following manner:

Our Mind plants a Thought or idea (A Seed) into our Subconscious.
our Subconsciousness (which is one with the Eternal Consciousness)
takes over from there.

It harbors and nurtures (Marinates) our idea for the "appropriate"
length of Time. Once this nurturing process is complete our
Spiritual Subconscious tells our Mental Mind how to bring our idea
to Fulfillment.

These are the times when we get an answer to a question, or
discover a "new way of looking at something", while we are involved
in an entirely unrelated task.

These are the Times that the "light bulb" goes on in our mind and
we say, "Wow, that answer came out of nowhere". The Truth is, no,
it didn't come out of "nowhere"; it came from our Subconscious
...Our Spiritual Womb.

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