Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Feather As A Symbol

The Feather Symbolizes the most minute and accurate weight.
A Feather's weight can often save the day, preserve a relationship,
or destroy a kingdom. A Feather's weight is what can tip the Scales
of Balance and Order.

A Feather's weight can be likened to: perfect balance, Harmony,
an Unburdened Heart and the Union of Duality.

Therefore, the Feather represents all of the subtleties which are
present not only in our personal lives but in the cosmos as well;
subtleties which seem insignificant but are so powerfully

We have cliches that attest to this Truth, such as: "Little things
mean a lot" and "It's the little things that count".

Many times Relationships, competitions, and kingdoms are lost
due to the slightest error of judgment - a Feather.

Likewise, it is by paying attention to the "little things" -
a Feather - that Relationships and kingdoms are saved; and
competitions won.

In ancient Egypt this concept was Symbolized by the Neter Maat
(a Neter is a Divine Principle). Maat wears an ostrich feather
on her head and she represents Divine Order, Cosmic Harmony,
justice, Truth, balance and peace.

When the Pharaoh died he was escorted into the underworld by
Anubis where his heart was placed on the Scales of Justice and
Weighed against the Feather of Maat in a Ceremony called
"The Weighing Of The Heart". If the Pharaoh's heart was lighter
than, or equal to, the weight of the Feather of Maat he was allowed
entrance to the afterlife. However, if his heart was heavier than the
Feather of Maat he would be immediately devoured by Ammit, a
beast with the head of a crocodile, the front legs and body of a lion
and the back legs of a hippopotamus.

We are all Pharaohs of our own realms; rulers of our own kingdoms.
Our kingdom consists of our physical, mental, and spiritual domain.
If our Thoughts and Actions are in Harmony with Divine Order we
are ruling our kingdom with a "light heart". If our Thoughts and
Actions are not in Harmony with Divine Order we are then being
ruled by external Events and we experience life with a "heavy heart".

We have all experienced times when Events are going our way
and we are living our life with a "light heart". These are the times
when we are in Harmony with life.

We have also experienced times when life is difficult. These are
the Times when we are not in Harmony with life. These are the
Times that we suffer with a "heavy heart".

Throughout the course of Our Current Incarnation it is very easy for
us to acquire a "heavy heart" by way of burdens which are heaped
upon us, not only by ourselves, but by all of the various aspects of
society. These difficult to recognize burdens are covered in depth in
the articles on "Sin", "Karma" and "Guilt, Threats and Obligations".

Only by recognizing that we are not in Harmony with Divine Order
can we make the necessary Changes to our Thoughts and Actions
that return us to "light-heartedness" and control of our personal

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