Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Divine Nature

SEEKER: Who am I...this complex jumble of thoughts, emotions,
dreams, desires, talents, skills, likes and dislikes that I barely
CREATOR: You are a unique, one-of-a-kind, creation.
The ingredients I used in creating you have been blended and
simmered together from one Original Recipe. There has never
been another creation exactly like you and there will never be
another creation exactly like you in all eternity. My Original Recipe
is your Divine Nature. It is my Gift to you!
SEEKER: But what do I do with my Divine Nature?
CREATOR: Anything you choose. But let me give you a bit of
advice before you go on your Journey. Yes, you can accomplish
anything you choose. But you will experience the most Peace
and Enjoyment by choosing only those Paths and Adventures

that are in harmony with your Divine Nature. Whatever you
choose to do that is not in harmony with your Divine Nature will
be met with resistance and frustration. Now go and use your
Divine Nature to attract and enjoy all the wonderful experiences
that await you.
Our Divine Nature is a complex mixture of all the ingredients that
form our unique personality. By understanding this Truth we realize
that although the world offers us an unlimited variety of Choices
only a few of those Choices are in Harmony with our Divine Nature.
The frustration and disappointment we feel when a career or
Relationship fails, or an experience does not turn out as expected,
is simply the final result of pursuing something not compatible with
who we are. When we Honestly evaluate who we really are we can
Eliminate everything that is not in Harmony with our true self.
Although our menu may shrink dramatically, the Choices remaining
are more than we can experience in a lifetime. Furthermore, the
options and experiences that remain will bring us Peace and
Enjoyment because they are all in Harmony with Our Divine Nature.

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