Sunday, January 2, 2011

The First Time - Zep Tepi

"There is only one first time."
- Joseph Panek

The Ancient Egyptians had a phrase that represented the original
"beginning of beginnings"...that long-ago Time when Gods walked
among mankind...the Time when all was pure and new and mankind
had not yet begun its long descent of Devolution. They referred to
this ancient, original, and distant Age as Zep Tepi: The First Time.

Every Event, and every experience, has a First Time. And
regardless of whether we are referring to the creation of the vast
cosmos, or to experiences in our personal lives (our personal
cosmos), there is only one First Time.

Let us take a brief look at this Divine Principle of The First Time
and how it applies to us in our personal life experiences.

There is only one First Time for us in each of the following
experiences: the First Time we are able to stand up and walk
by ourselves as a child; the First Time we sat upon a pony; the
First Time we sat upon Santa's lap; the First Time we learned to
read and write; the First Time we received a diploma; the First
Time we sat behind the wheel of a car; the First Time we earned
money for our efforts; and, the First Time we experienced romance.
These are just some examples of the First Times that nearly each
one of us has experienced during our lives; our Current Incarnation.

The thrills and joys of our First Times can be experienced by us
only once! After they have been experienced by us, there can
never be another First Time for us in any of these experiences.
They then Become fond Memories and Remembrances which
are forever Lodged in the most sacred, private, and Innermost
recesses of our heart and mind. They can never again be
experienced with the wonder and excitement that we originally
experienced them when they were Our First Time.

After we have experienced a First Time in something that is
pleasurable to us we can never again re-create its original
sensation, we can then only perpetuate the experience. And,
although the perpetuation of the experience may also be
pleasurable, it is not the same wondrous and awe-inspiring
fascination that we experienced during our very First Time.

How many of us spend our entire lives trying to recapture the
thrill and wonder of our First Times - especially when it comes to
romance? However, as First Times can happen only once, they
are impossible to recapture in their original delight. Our First Times
are like wisps of smoke which vanish before our eyes as they float
into the recesses of our Memory and become our constant and
faithful companions as we journey down our Path of life. And, no
matter how hard we may try, we can never recapture the
anticipation, thrill, joy, and ecstasy which only the experience of
a First Time can provide.

However, our Path is long and our Journey is Eternal. And though
we can never re-experience episodes of our Past with the same
wonder and intensity as we did during our very First Time, we can
certainly create new First Times which can provide us with the
same joy and fascination that we experienced in the First Times
of our Past.

When we Choose to accept the Adventure of creating new First
Times for ourselves, we open ourselves up to new experiences
and wonders. We create new Zep Tepis which provide us with
magnificent and different joys, fascinations, and Memories which
are waiting to Become part of us as we Travel on the Road of our
Personal Destiny that takes us into our limitless future.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2011
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