Sunday, September 19, 2010


"Be careful not to paint yourself into a corner."
-Familiar Expression

The universe is an enormous and unlimited Source of creative
energy. It contains all of the ideas, concepts, and Truths which are
both imaginable and, in our present state of evolution, unimaginable.
It provides each one of us with more doorways, opportunities, and
experiences than we can possibly sample and savor in one single

And although we cannot savor everything that the universe has to
offer us in one finite lifetime, we nonetheless have the opportunity
of plucking and tasting as many of its fruits as we are able to grab
from the branches of its ever abundant Tree, and its overflowing

Yet, with all of this abundance literally lying all around us, we are
"taught", at a very early age, that we must "select" a career, a
religion, and numerous other mindsets, and that we must limit our
concentration and energy to only these choices for the remainder
of our life. Keep in mind these initial Choices which we are
"required" to make are imposed upon us while we are still a child!

Then, after we have made our initial Decisions, we are further
required to "refine" and "specialize" our skills, careers, beliefs,
and social groups.

Slowly and methodically, at a very early age, the abundance of
the universe is taken away from us, piece by piece, and replaced
with everyday monotony. Childlike excitements, enthusiasms,
and dreams are replaced with the best conformity, sophistication
and maturity that society has to offer. Without even being aware
of what is happening to us we are, again at a very early age,
being painted into a corner.

Once we are placed into our Corner, something else happens to
us. We start to actually Believe that our way of thinking, our point
of view, and our way of doing things, is the only "right way" and
we begin to discredit any idea or Opinion that is contrary to the
structured dogmas that have been ingrained into us. Our Corner
is now getting narrower and narrower.

And finally, once we have comfortably "settled" into our very own
personal little Corner, our Ego commits all of our time and energy
into defending this minuscule Corner of ours to the point that we
slowly become Ignorant of all of the other opportunities, Choices,
ideas, and experiences that abound all around us. We place too
much egotistical emphasis on our minute, personal corner and
very little, if any, emphasis on our material, mental and spiritual

Then, one day, something happens. We may go on a camping
trip or rent a cabin in the woods. We feel refreshed, renewed and
exhilarated to be free from our Corner and part of the wide open
freedom of Nature. The longer we remain in this setting the less
important our little Corner seems to us. We begin to long for the
boundless Freedom that is Truly available for us to experience.

However, our Ego will not allow us to think in these terms. It
reminds us that although our little "vacation" is refreshing and
rewarding, it is not "real". Our Ego tells us that we must hurry
back and defend our little Corner.

However, contrary to anything our Ego may try to convince us of,
this experience we have just enjoyed with Nature and its boundless
Freedom is as real as it gets!

This Real Freedom, along with the Peace and Contentment it
provides, is actually far more Real than the "real" imprisonment
we have created for ourselves in some unfulfilling Corner which
we call job, duty, responsibility, security, and society.

The more we paint ourselves into a Corner, the more we pinpoint
ourselves to, and place ourselves at the mercy of, the factions,
activities and events which occur in the locality where our Corner
is located.

We occupy a remote location, in a remote country, on a remote
planet, in a remote solar system, in an Unlimited Universe. Out
in the universe all is open, unrestricted, and Free. There are no
Corners out there in the universe. We are the only ones who
can create and bind ourselves to the localities, restrictions, and
Corners which ultimately restrict and torment us.

The farther we can remove ourselves from any one locality, Corner,
or way of thinking, the more we become unlimited, and Free, to
embrace and enjoy not only all of the various ideas, enjoyments and
experiences which are available to us here on earth, but also all of
the boundless and unlimited Blessings that the universe, Itself, is so
ready and anxious to bestow upon each one of us.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2010
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