Sunday, December 6, 2009

Change - The Eternal Constant

"Change is the Essence of life...
Be willing to surrender what you are
for what you could become."

What a paradox we humans are! In the ephemeral (short-lived)
scheme of things we embrace Change in all of its many aspects.
Yet, in the grander scheme of things we continually do battle with
Destiny and fight to cling to those things whose Time has passed.

The Universe is continually expanding and Changing - it exists and
thrives on Change. And we, as Children of The Universe, also crave
Change - no matter how vigorously we may Choose to argue the

Let's take a look at the many ways we Choose Change in our lives
when it comes to short-term Changes:

We Change the color Choices of our wardrobes and our homes - the
colors we preferred a few brief years ago are not the same colors
we prefer today. We Change our preferences in automobiles and
architecture styles. We Change our homes, we Change the cities in
which we live, we Change our jobs, and we even Change spouses.

We Change our clothing styles and hairstyles. We dye our hair only
to eventually return it to its original color. We grow mustaches and
beards...then we shave them off.

We even bring Change into our lives on a daily basis: we wore blue
yesterday so we must wear red today because, surely, we can't
wear the same color, or outfit, today as we wore the day before!
How many of us make a Ceremony out of standing in our closet
while we pick out an outfit to wear tomorrow that is different from
the one we wore today? We make all these Changes in our hunger
to experience our lives in slightly new and different ways.

However, when it comes to long-term, constructive Change we
take an entirely opposite approach. We presume that the way
things are today are the way they will remain forever and we plan
our futures, careers and Relationships based upon this presumption.

Careers in which we have trained ourselves when we were eighteen
years old may no longer be in demand today. Yet we cling to them
nonetheless. Relationships, both personal and social, that we
established many years ago may no longer be Harmonious with who
we are today. Yet we continue to hold on to their monotonous
familiarity. We also steadfastly embrace old Beliefs and Opinions
which are no longer valid...if, in fact, they ever were.

All Cycles, whether universal, social or personal, come to an end.
When a particular Cycle comes to an end, a new and opposing
Cycle replaces it. When we refuse to accept this Eternal Truth,
we find ourselves building our personal foundations upon the
shifting sands of Eternal Change. This causes us to become molded
(crystallized) into an existence of melancholy, regret, struggle,
stubbornness and emptiness.

We all accept the fact that Cycles begin and Cycles end. However,
we also seem to think that this Eternal Law pertains to everyone
else but us as we attempt to build ever-lasting monuments upon
the ever-turning Wheel of Eternal Change.

Once we allow ourselves to accept the Truth that Change is Eternal
we then also accept the fact that our life, our Incarnation, is one long,
long Road - a Road which offers us many different opportunities to
experience the various interesting aspects of our Divine Nature.
By embracing Change, we find ourselves gazing toward that distant
Horizon in which the Fruits, Adventures and fulfillments of our
personal Destiny constantly beckon us to "Come Hither".

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