Friday, April 17, 2009

Aether - The Fifth Element
(Alchemy, Astrology, Symbolism)

"You must feel the force around you;
here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere."
-Yoda, "Star Wars"

The Force...Prana...Aether...they all refer to the same thing: The
Vital Energy, The Vital Life Force, the Divine Essence which holds
everything together and provides the Spiritual Energy, which we
call Life, to all things in all realms and dimensions.

Prana is the Ancient Sanskrit term used to refer to this Vital
Spiritual Energy. In ancient Egypt it was called ka. The Chinese
call this energy ki or chi.Later on, Prana, ka and chi became
known as Aether by the Alchemists, Metaphysicians and
Astrologers. Aether is the term that is normally used to describe
this Vital Life Force today. The Jedi Masters of the Star Wars
episodes provided a much Simpler term to this Vital Spiritual
Energy: they Simply referred to it as The Force.

Whether we call this Vital Spiritual Energy Prana, The Force, or
Aether, these names all refer to the same thing. Aether is the
Essential Spiritual Energy which enables life, in all of its forms, to
exist, function and interact in Harmony within all realms and
dimensions. Aether is the "Spiritual Breath" of Divinity. Aether is
the Divine Life Force that exists within the Air that we breathe.
Aether is the Divine Life Force that holds the heavens together and
allows the stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and universes, to
co-exist and interact in Harmony with each other.

Aether is the Sacred and Secret Fifth-Element that was held in such
high-esteem by Pythagoras and his students. The Pythagoreans
understood that Aether was the invisible Life Force that enabled the
Four Elements of Creation (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) to function,
interact and create. The Pythagoreans honored Aether by embracing
the Five-Pointed-Star as their most sacred Symbol. The five points
of the Five-Pointed-Star represented Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and
Aether. The Fifth Point of the Star, along with the number Five,
represented the Spiritual Breath of Divinity: Aether.

On our planet, oxygen is necessary for human and animal life to
survive. Each time we inhale we ingest the element of oxygen into
ourselves. But, how often do we consider the Universal Life Force,
the Spiritual Essence, which is contained within the element of
oxygen that we are inhaling?

Oxygen is simply an earthly element. However, within this earthly
element of oxygen is contained the Vital Spiritual Life Force of
Aether. And it is this Spiritual Essence of Aether, contained within
the physical element of oxygen, which gives us life and enables us
to function and interact here in the material realm. With each
breath we take, we are inhaling both oxygen and Aether.

And as Aether is the Universal Spiritual Life Force that connects
and flows through all things, it is through Aether that we, too, are
part of, and are able to interact with, all things in all realms and
dimensions...including Divinity!

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Unknown said...

thanks, for this, very succintly put, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I've been writing a book, and your blog has helped me IMMENSELY !
"When the student is ready, the teacher will come."
Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

I had a dream last night that I would purposefully dematerialize whenever this person/entity would reach out to touch/grab me and then rematerialize in thin air (above the ground), and as I disappeared, I would leave behind an indigo space, hole, or cloak (not exactly sure what to call it). But whatever was reaching for me, their hand would go right through it every time, as I had dematerialized. Bizarre but quite intriguing as well. I wonder if it had anything to do with Aether?