Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Carpenter - As A Symbol

Metaphorically, and Symbolically, The Carpenter is a reference to
The Grand Architect...the Designer of all that is...Divinity. And just
as Divinity is the Grand Architect of all that is, it is also the Designer
of all that is encompassed within all that is. This includes The
Temple, our Temple, within which we do the Inner Work which
elevates us to the highest planes of Truth and Wisdom, and
ultimately prepares us for Ascension to a much higher spiritual

And although the Grand Plan, or blueprint, for our Temple has been
designed for us in the spiritual plane by the Grand Architect Himself,
it still requires a special craftsman to help us with its construction
here on the physical plane. This special craftsman is the Carpenter.

When we study ancient lore we find at least two references to this
special craftsman called a Carpenter. The first, and most familiar
one, is that of the Gnostic, and Biblical, Christ. The second reference
to a Carpenter comes to us from Ancient Egypt and is much less

During antiquity, a tomb was erected to an individual who carried
the title of Carpenter. As a carpenter was a menial tradesman in
ancient times, there is confusion as to why a royal tomb would be
constructed to honor a person with the designation of "carpenter";
as tombs were only erected to honor, and memorialize, those who
occupied the highest level of society.

This reference, in particular, begs us to question the true meaning of
the word, or Symbol, which scholars have translated as "carpenter"
from ancient texts.

It is very probable that the Symbol, or Word, which scholars refer
to as "carpenter" is either mis-translated, mis-interpreted, or mis-
understood as to its original meaning and intent. If this is so, then
the Symbol which has been translated as "carpenter" must have a
much higher, and noble, meaning.

Spiritual texts refer to our bodies as Temples. More specifically, our
bodies are the Temple where the Holy Spirit, the Spark of Divinity,

All Temple work, such as referred to in the Temple of Solomon, is
Inner Work. And as this Inner Work is of the highest and most
noble purpose, the construction of the Temple in which this Inner
Work occurs must be carried out with the utmost care, patience
and intent. This requires the skill, attention, and Insight of a Master
Craftsman...a Master Carpenter.

The Master Carpenter, therefore, is a Spiritual Mentor who helps us
meticulously build, reconstruct and alter the Thoughts, Lessons and
philosophies which are the building materials of our Inner Temple.

These additions and alterations which are constantly "under
construction" within our Inner Temple must all be done in Harmony
with the Master Blueprint provided by the Grand Architect.

Should a metaphorical block, stone, window, altar, portico, or
piece of woodwork not conform with the Grand Design, the
Master Carpenter has the ability, and authority, to either change
or replace them.

Throughout Time, the Master Carpenter has been called by many
different names: Master Mason, Master Builder, High Priest or
Priestess, Master Teacher and Shaman. But regardless of their titles,
these Master Craftsmen have always made their knowledge and
Wisdom available to their apprentice Carpenters; to those of us who
have the sole responsibility for constructing our own Inner Temple in
accordance with our Divine Nature and Cosmic Harmony.

When we look at the design and construction of our Inner Temple in
this light we come to realize that we are the ultimate creators of our
personal Inner Temple. We alone choose our building blocks and
materials - the Thoughts, Words, and Actions - which go into it.

Through patience and Self-Initiation we methodically construct our
Inner Temple. And as we are the sole builders of our Inner Temple,
this makes us not only the Carpenter, but also eventually, the
Master Carpenter of our Current Incarnation.

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Stir it or Fry it or Both said...

Wow! This is such confirmation thank you!

Unknown said...

I had once found that my calling is carpentry. Now I have new light on it.