Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother Earth - As A Symbol

Mother Earth: The Great Material Womb

She is called "Mother Earth" for a reason. She is Abundance.
She is Fertility. She is Alive.

Mother Earth is the Bringer, the Nourisher, and the Protectoress
of life. She contains, and provides, all the minerals and nutrients
that are necessary for human, animal, and plant life to begin,
grow, and mature.

It is through the intense heat which exists within the deepest depths
of Her Womb that precious metals and gemstones are created. Then,
just like a woman giving birth, She gently nudges these precious
metals and gemstones out of Her Womb and onto the surface of the
earth in order for mankind to use these precious gifts of Hers to
satisfy its material requirements.

Mother Earth is the Womb, and Home, for all plant life. She
accepts all Seeds deposited into Her soil, nourishes these Seeds,
and brings them to fruition. And, even after these Seeds are
manifested into plants and trees, She continues to nourish them
through Her many umbilical cords which we refer to as roots.

Mother Earth is the Womb, and Home, for all subterranean life.
She nourishes and protects the worms, insects, and other
underground life which live, and thrive, in Her soil.

Mother Earth also provides shelter for above-ground animal
(and human) life through Her many burrows and caves.
Indigenous Cultures and Sacred Societies have always associated
Her caves with Her Great Womb.

This is the reason why these Cultures and Societies have used, and
still use, Her caves for Initiation Ceremonies and Rites-of-Passage.
These Ceremonies have been performed in Her caves since the
earliest beginnings of Time.

Through a rite-of-passage Ceremony a youngster enters Her cave
as a youth and emerges, is re-born, as an adult. Through an
Initiation Ceremony a well-qualified individual enters Her cave
as an Initiate, receives higher degrees of Wisdom, Instruction, and
Knowledge, and then emerges from Her cave re-born as an
Illumined Master.

Mother Earth also purifies the Water that mankind contaminates
by re-cycling these Waters through her underground soils.
In the same manner which blood flows through our veins and is
purified, so too are Mother Earth's Waters re-cycled through the
enormous network of Her subterranean Rivers.

She cleanses, and re-mineralizes, these Waters by passing them
through Her many different types of underground soils. When Her
purification process is complete these purified and re-mineralized
Waters re-emerge upon Her surface by way of Her many springs.

And, in our final experience with Mother Earth, She is also the
Great Keeper. When our earthly journey finally comes to an end,
She graciously accepts our material remains back into Her soil;
Her Maternal Womb; Her Great Vault.

We speak of "destroying" Mother Earth. This kind of thinking is
the folly of Ignorance. All we mere mortals can do is simply make a
mess of Her Surface. She is indestructible to the surface misuses
of mankind. At the appropriate Time She will simply re-cycle the
messes that mankind has created on Her surface through some
cataclysmic Event and then repeat Her earthly Cycle anew. One
can only wonder how many times She has "cleaned up" mankind's
messes throughout the eons of Eternity.

In the meantime, we all should appreciate and respect Mother
Earth for what She truly is: a Living and Breathing Entity which
provides us with all the nourishments, protections, and materials
we require to make the most of our Current Incarnation.

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