Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Femur - As A Symbol

The Femur, or thigh bone, has been a Sacred Symbol since the
earliest beginnings of time. It symbolizes strength, power, support
and regeneration.

The Femur symbolizes Strength and Power in that it can support
30 times the weight of a human adult. It symbolizes Regeneration
in that its role is the creation of new blood cells.

The Femur also further symbolizes Support in that it is the bone
on which we place our books and purses when we are in a sitting
position. It is the bone which supports our elbow when we assume
a thoughtful pose - as in the sculpture of "The Thinker". Our Femurs
are also the bones which support our children when they sit on
our lap.

In Ancient Egypt The Femur was symbolized by the uas (was)
scepter: a staff of authority held by the Egyptian Neters which
symbolized their power, support and eternal renewal. The uas
scepter, just like the Femur, consists of a "ball joint" on one of its
ends and a "socket joint" on its other end.

The Femur has also been used as an alternate symbol of the Big
Dipper constellation in which the thigh represents the dipper portion
of the constellation while the leg represents the handle portion which
rotates around the pole star and represent the Cycles of Eternity.
(For further insights on the Big Dipper, see: The Shooting Star -
Symbol and Myth)

The Femur is also depicted in the very ancient and familiar symbol
of the Skull and Crossbones in which two crossed Femurs are
placed below a skull. In this symbol, the skull represents the
domain of the mind and the Femurs represent the realm of Duality,
or matter. The two crossed Femurs, in addition to symbolizing
strength and regeneration, also represent the intersection of the
spiritual and material realms; which are part of our Dual nature
and discussed in further detail in The Union of Duality and Weaving.

Ancient symbols contain the lessons and Eternal Truths which have
been handed down to us from the most forgotten beginnings of time.
The more we explore, and understand, these symbols the more we
come into touch with the very interesting Wisdom, reverence and
instructions of our distant ancestors which assist us in governing
our travels during our Current Incarnation.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thank you for this great knowledge. I was struggling to find information on the femur and its symbolism. This was the first article in which I found any useful information.

My wife was recently having her chakras aligned by an energy healer, and during the session, a Quechua Medicine Man appeared in spirit and gifted my wife a femur bone. We were not sure what it symbolized, but this article added some clarity.

Thank you again.