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Karmic Paths and Roads

"A path without a heart is never enjoyable.
On the other hand, a path with a heart is easy---
it does not make a warrior work at liking it;
it makes for a joyful journey;
as long as a man follows it, he is one with it."

- Carlos Castaneda

For the purpose of this article, Karma is defined as the unexpected,
unintended, and unforeseen consequences and results of our
choices and actions.

In "Thoughts, Actions, and Karma" we explored how our
Thoughts and Actions, both positive and negative, affect us
internally. In this article we will explore how our Thoughts and
Actions affect us externally; how they determine the Roads we
Travel and the Destinies and Consequences we bring upon

Whether we realize it or not, each one of us is journeying down
a Karmic Path which is determined for us based upon the
Choices and Decisions we make.

There are many Paths we can Choose to Travel: well-worn Paths,
seldom Traveled Paths, Paths that very few have Traveled, and
Paths which have never before seen a human Footprint.

A Path which has never before seen a human Footprint is a
Path which is Traveled by the Mystic, or Avatar,  who appears
only rarely in the evolution of a race. This Path has no Karma
and it can only be walked upon by someone who has already
transcended Karma. This is the most sublime Path a person
can journey upon while still occupying the realm of duality and

We can create, for ourselves, a Path which has never before
seen a human Footprint. This is done by Choosing a lifestyle and
behaving in a manner which is completely unique to any other
type of life-Path existing in the physical realm. Those who
Travel this Path are the Hermits and Holy Persons who dwell
high in the sacred mountains and other Borders Between Realms
which occupy our world.

A Path that very few have Traveled is the Path which is walked
upon by Master Teachers and their Initiates. These individuals
have very little Karma attached to themselves and are in the
process of ridding themselves of whatever little still remains.
These are also the Paths upon which the heroes of mythology
and legend left their Footprints long, long ages ago.

Seldom Traveled Paths are those Traveled by the mysterious
figures of history, myth, and legend. These are the quiet,
uncharted, and unpopulated Roads which are the Adventurous
wonderlands of the Lone Wolf, the Trailblazer, and those mystical
and magical figures of fable known as Wizards and Wanderers.

Those who Travel upon seldom-traveled Paths are Aware of,
and respectful of, the Laws of Karma and have learned how to
use these Laws to their advantage.

However, the vast majority of us spend our lives traveling upon
well-worn Paths and Roads. And, in most instances, there is
nothing wrong with Traveling along these Paths; for these Paths
help us to express, and experience, Our Divine Nature during our
Current Incarnation.

Well-Worn Paths are those Roads which are already in existence.
They are the Roads which have been established many generations
ago and are busy, active, and teeming with vast multitudes of
businesses, activities, and individuals that make up the integral
parts of these Roads. These Roads already have a specific flow
and personality already in place when we step onto them for our
very first time.

An excellent metaphor for Well-Worn Roads is the cantina into
which Luke Skywalker entered the first time, with Obi-Wan Kenobi,
in the pirate city of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. Although
it is a bustling and familiar cantina to those who frequent it,
complete with its own set of rules, secrets, and camaraderies, it
is a completely new first-time experience for Luke.

This cantina is Symbolic of the Well-Worn Roads we step upon
for our very first Time. Let us look at a couple of other examples.

We decide to be a musician. The moment we enter into our
musical career we step onto the well-worn, and bustling, Karmic
road which all others who are pursuing, and have pursued, musical
careers have walked upon for ages. This well-worn road already
has its own particular and unique flow to it. It is familiar to all those
who are already traveling upon it; however, it is all a brand new
experience to us.

This well-worn road is complete with the businesses, characters,
composers, musicians, and other folk which are already an active
and integral part of this road and its flow. In addition, this road
contains the many important personal contacts we are yet to
become acquainted with who will eventually help us establish and
promote our musical career. We rely on the existing experience
of everything, and everyone, on this road to help us become
successful in our chosen profession as a musician.

Someone decides to be a criminal. The moment that person
enters the life of crime they step onto the well-worn Karmic road
which all other criminals are traveling upon, and have traveled upon,
for ages. Again, this well-worn road already has its own particular
and unique flow to it. It is familiar to all those who are already
traveling upon it; however, it is all a brand new experience to those
who are first entering its flow.

This well-worn road is complete with the business, hiding places,
half-way houses, criminals, informants, con-men, malcontents,
and law-enforcement people who are the integral part of this road.
And while those who Choose to live a life of crime are new to this
road, this road is an old experience to those who are already
traveling upon it.

As Karma is the end result, or Consequence, which is associated
with the Choices we make, we must be constantly on guard in
regards to the Choices, Decisions, and Actions we involve
ourselves with. For by being Aware of all of the Karmic Roads and
Paths which are available to us we are better able to understand the
Consequences and benefits which each Karmic Road and Path
offers us, and we are better able to Choose that particular Road or
Path which is most Harmonious to our Divine Nature.

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