Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hermetic Logos
(The Master's Lost Word)

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God."

- John 1.1

"Nothing happens until something moves."
- Albert Einstein

In the beginning all was still. Nothing existed but unmoving and
eternal Divinity. Everything that ever would be, and could be, was
asleep within Divinity. Then something happened: The Mind of
Divinity (the Hermetic Nous) "spoke The Word". And, in that
instant, Time, matter, the cosmos, and Duality sprang forth.

Nothing happens until something moves: Creation myths from all
parts of the world tell of a Breath, a Spirit, or a Bird (which is the
Symbol for Spirit) passing over the dark, still, and deep Primal
Waters of Chaos which represent the Great Subconscious. This
caused the Primal Waters to "stir"; to move; to vibrate. This stirring
process activated the interaction and Blending of all that was still.
This initial Blending and stirring was the First Cause in the Act of

At that moment a mountain rose from the Chaos and above this
mountain the sky was formed. The sky then separated itself from
both the mountain (matter, earth) and the Chaos (the Waters). This
was the moment of physical creation; the moment of prima materia;
the moment of First Matter.

Next, everything that exists within Water and Air, and upon the
Earth, was created to occupy these domains.

The Breath, Spirit, or Bird which passed over the still Primal Waters,
in the initial Act of Creation, Symbolizes the "Word" of Divinity. This
"Word" is what ancient Hermetic teachings refer to as "Logos".

Logos is not actually a Word as we understand Words to be. Logos
is the Initial Thought of Divinity. It is the Genesis, or Source, of
Creation. It is the Divine Initiation of movement or stirring. It is the
Masculine Spiritual Seed which impregnates the Feminine Spiritual
Womb, or Waters. It is the Prisca Sapientia, or Pristine Wisdom. It
is also what is referred to, Esoterically, as the "Master's Lost Word".

But what do these creation myths mean? And, what hidden Lesson
do they impart upon us?

Creation myths consist of Three essences, or Gunas: The Mind of
Divinity (Nous); The Word, or Breath, of Divinity (Logos); and the
Primal Waters of the Great Subconscious (Chaos).

The number Three is the number which represents Creation. And
the Three Essences of Creation compare to the Three Gunas in the
following manner:

Sattwa is the Mind of Divinity. It is the Nous.
Tamas is the Primal Waters. It is the Great Subconscious. It is
that which must be acted upon. It is the Chaos.
Rajas is the Word, or Thought, of Divinity. it is the invisible force,
or Action, which causes Mind (Nous) and matter (Chaos) to Blend
together in the Act of Creation. It is the Logos.

The Lesson we can learn from creation myths is this: Thought
creates matter; the unseen creates the seen; what can be imagined
can be manifested.

All great inventions, innovations, and ideas were first a Thought
within someone's Mind. This Thought was then Acted upon. This
Action resulted in Creation.

We are all children of Divinity. Therefore, we have the "spark" of
Divinity within us. This "spark" enables us to also create whatever
we Choose to create by simply using our imaginative minds.

Our Imagination is what enables us to delve into the deep, dark
Waters of the Great Subconscious where everything that is, and
ever will be, already exists in un-manifested form. All it takes is
for us to find whatever it is that interests us and then take the
necessary Actions (the Logos, or Rajas) to pull the un-manifested
out of the Great Subconscious and bring it into the world of matter,
and into Creation.

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