Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Spiritual Explorer

"Follow your bliss and the universe will
open doors where there were only walls."
-Joseph Campbell

To find what has never been found, we must journey where no-one
has ventured before. To see what has never been seen, we must
gaze where no-one has looked before. To Learn what has never been
learned, we must imagine what has never been considered before.

All new inventions, ideas and discoveries are the result of a Spiritual
Explorer; a Trailblazer, who dared to venture into new, mysterious
and unknown realms; a Great Achiever who dared to boldly imagine
what no-one else dared to think about. Spiritual Explorers are the
"Changers of History" whose works and biographies line the book-
shelves of every library on the planet.

just to name a few. We refer to them by a single name, yet we are
all aware of who they are and what they have accomplished.

These Spiritual Explorers understood that all New Discoveries
are found at the outer limits, the outer realms, of conventional
knowledge and Thought. These Spiritual Explorers chose to ignore
the stagnant conventions of their time and boldly ventured beyond
the visible Horizon of their Age.

In doing so they brought knowledge and Wisdom to a higher level.

Ridiculed and discredited at first, yet worshipped as Genius' at the
end, these Spiritual Explorers provided us with the Gift of Change
and re-wrote History. And, in doing so, they achieved Immortality.

Great Achievements are the most difficult to accomplish. They
require Great Awareness, Imagination, Enthusiasm and Courage.
That is why they are called Great Achievements. It is also why so
very few people dare to attempt them.

Each one of us has been sent into our Current Incarnation with the
ability to be great Spiritual Explorer. And though we may not change
the world, we have all the Spiritual Tools necessary to change our

Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes!

Everything of value has a price. The higher the value, the higher the
price. Should we pay this price? That is a question which only we,
individually, can answer to ourselves. For those of us who Choose
to enter the unknown, uncharted and wondrous realm of Adventure
and Imagination, we will have the opportunity to experience what
Einstein called "The Beauty of the Mysterious".

And, in our Travels to new and unexplored realms we may just find
ourselves enjoying a life and Destiny that many people only read
about in borrowed books.

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