Sunday, November 27, 2011

Laws: Divine vs. Man-Made

"Forgive him, for he believes
that the customs of his tribe
are the laws of nature."

- George Bernard Shaw

We spend such a large portion of our lives dealing with man-made
laws that many of us have probably forgotten that there are laws
which are far superior to man-made laws . These superior laws
are the Divine Laws which govern not only our personal lives but
also the conscious universe, along with all that exists within it,
as well.

And as each one of us is primarily concerned with our personal
lives, let us look at the difference between man-made laws
versus Divine Laws and evaluate how these two different sets of
principles affect our Current Incarnation.

Man-made laws:

We are all familiar with man-made laws. They engulf us. They
overwhelm us. They confuse us. And, quite often, they are used
by oppressive regimes in an attempt to suppress us.

In addition, man-made laws are not limited to statutory laws;
they also include the rules, regulations, by-laws, and policies
and procedures of every organization and faction on our planet.

Although society requires a basic structure in order for it to
function freely, safely, and properly, an over-abundance of
man-made laws often leads to chaos and loss of respect simply
because these laws, over time, become not only contradictory
to each other but their design is very often inconsistent and
dis-Harmonious with the Divine Laws which govern all of creation.

Man-made laws, by their very nature, tend to be fickle, fleeting,
changeable, prejudicial, and inconsistent. Furthermore, man-made
laws may either be enforced, randomly enforced, or disregarded
depending on the whims of whatever political faction is currently
in a position of authority. Also, man-made laws quite often bestow
special privileges upon individuals belonging to a certain class,
social status, or income status.

And finally, as most of us have experienced, man-made laws often
differ radically from time to time and from place to place. What is
considered to be legal or illegal in one period of time may be
looked upon quite differently in another period of time. The same
holds true for cultures, states, nations, and races: what is deemed
to be either legal, illegal, or important in one segment of society
may be looked upon entirely different in another segment.

Man-made laws are based upon theory, Compromise, and current
political and social whims. Man-made laws are governance by force
and Guilt. And this is why societies, nations, and civilizations often
meet bitter ends; for they force upon people rules, laws, restrictions,
and constrictions which are not only inconsistent but often at odds
with Divine Laws.

Divine Laws:

Divine Laws are the exact opposite of man-made laws. Divine Laws
are constant, unwavering, and eternal. Divine Laws are the same for
every person, place, and time...without prejudice!

Divine Laws are Divine Principles. They are the basic Truths which
govern the cosmos. These Laws have been passed down to us from
the very beginning of Time. We find these Divine Laws depicted in
the Symbolism contained within the ancient Egyptian Neters.

Divine Laws, if adhered to, allow for the free and balanced flow of
energy within a race, a nation, a society, and a person. If not
adhered to, those who disregard these Laws will suffer the
consequences of their actions.

Divine Laws allow for self-governance: we can either Choose to
obey these Laws or disregard them.

Divine Laws are simple, basic, and eternal. And it is perhaps
because of their simplicity that these Laws are so often ignored.

Let us examine a few of these Divine Laws.

The Law of Truth: What is is. Truth is not found in the Hopes,
wishes and Opinions of either ourselves or of others.

The Law of Ignorance: To be unaware of what is Real and True
does not release us from the Consequences of our Ignorance.

The Law of Karma: Every Action, whether by Word or deed, has
its Consequence. It is up to us to know the Consequences of
our Actions.

The Law of Awareness: To observe and understand what is
happening within us, around us, and throughout our world.

The Law of Free Will: We have the freedom to Choose our
Thoughts and Actions. However, with this freedom comes
responsibility and Consequences.

The Law of Sovereignty: The supreme gift which is bestowed
upon each one of us that grants us a dream: a dream of how
we Choose to experience our Current Incarnation.

The Law of Interconnectedness: All Words and Actions have
effects; often in ways we are unable to conceive.

The Law of Destiny: There are various kinds of Destinies:
personal, societal, and planetary.

The Law of Alchemy: To make something or someone pure,
all impurities must first be removed.

The Law of Harmony: We are either in Harmony (perfect balance)
with the Laws of the Universe or we are not. There is no middle
ground in these matters. The Ancient Egyptians called this Divine
Principle Maat.

These are just a few of the Divine Laws which govern the
universe and, by association, our Current Incarnation. It is our
personal Choice whether to obey or disregard these Laws.
However, as these Laws are eternal and unchangeable we should,
at the very least, have an understanding and Awareness of these
Divine Truths.

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2011
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Sally said...

I see man's laws as moral codes and divine laws similar to the subject of Ethics or rational reasoning. I like your divine laws. Thanks!

earth angel said...

Thank you! Great information for the seekers if the world.