Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Dot Within A Circle - As A Symbol

As an astrological Symbol, the Dot within a Circle represents the Sun.
As an alchemy symbol, the Dot within a Circle represents Gold.
However, as an esoteric Symbol, The Dot within a Circle embodies
much deeper Lessons and Principles.

The Circle represents The Infinite; Eternity. It also represents the
flow of Time and the ever repeating Cycles of Eternity which have no
beginning and no end; Cycles which, when complete, flow back into
themselves and repeat anew. We find this cyclical Truth also
represented, Symbolically, by the Ouroboros: the serpent swallowing
its own tail.

Cycles can be Infinitely long or Infinitesimally short. There are
quantum cycles, daily cycles, monthly cycles, annual cycles,
generational cycles and cataclysmic cycles. Cataclysmic Cycles occur
when the earth, and the universe, destroy and re-cycle themselves
in order to be re-born into a new Cycle. But however long or short
a Cycle may be, a Cycle consists of the following: birth, life, death
(or transformation) followed by re-birth. And so it goes, on and on,
throughout Eternity; endless repeating Cycles followed by endless
repeating Cycles.

And because Cycles are endless and self-repeating it also means
that everything that ever will be created has already been created.
It re-enforces the proverb, "What has been will be again, what has
been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun"
(Esslesiastes 1:9).

Everything that is yet currently un-created in our physical realm
already exists, in its entirety, in the cosmic and Spiritual realm.
These un-manifested creations are simply waiting for our minds
and senses to reach the proper stage of development where we can
recognize them, understand them and re-manifest them in our
physical dimension.

History and past Cycles teach us that manifestation typically occurs
in one of three ways:

1. by way of the natural re-creative and re-generative cycles of
2. by way of an increased ability of an individual's imagination,
insight or other senses.
3. by way of "an idea whose time has come": whereby a number of
people throughout the world experience the same idea at the same

Such is the nature of Cycles, and the manifestations which occur
within these Cycles, as symbolized by the Circle.

The Dot represents the Seed, the Spark, the Focused Thought
which gives birth to creation in the physical and mental realms.

On a much deeper level, however, The Dot symbolizes the one
eternal and unmoving Source from which All of creation emanates.
It is the One Creative Principle which establishes and governs the
Cycles of Eternity. At this level The Dot symbolizes Deity, Divinity,
and the Divine Mind; It is the Hermetic Nous; it is the center point
around which the Wheel of Eternity revolves.

Without first having a Dot we could not draw a line, a circle or a
picture.  We would be unable to express a mathematical formula
or create our daily "to do" list which are all manifested by moving
a Dot from a pen, or pencil, along a piece of paper.  Therefore,
we could not physically or artistically express or create anything
without first beginning with a Dot.  The written word, or idea, already
exists within The Dot and simply awaits manifestation.

We see this Divine Principle in evidence throughout Nature.
The tallest oak grows from a single acorn; a stalk of corn towers
from a small Seed; historic ideas and inventions are the result of
a single, focused Thought; a human adult evolves from a lone and
imperceptible sperm.  Therefore, as the oak already exists within
the acorn, the cornstalk within the Seed, the invention within the
focused Thought, the adult within the sperm, so too does the
un-manifested concept already exist within The Dot.

As Divinity resides within us as our Atman, our God Within, we
too possess the Divine Seed: the Divine Spark of creation. All of
the latent skills, talents, concepts and ideas necessary for us to
create whatever it is that we Choose to create already exist within
us. They are merely waiting for us to awaken them.

And as this Divine Ability to create already exists within each one
of us, it simply depends upon whether or not we Choose to take
advantage of our Divine Gift.

We can Become anyone we Choose to become. We can accomplish
anything we Choose to accomplish. We can create anything we
Choose to create. We can experience anything we Choose to
experience. We are The Dot Within The Circle!


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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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Unknown said...

i came to this page looking for meaning of this symbol. i keep having the same dream every night. with my own finger (in dirt on the ground) i draw a circle with at dot in the center and say the words ' that's the secret'.

what does it mean ?

YoursTruly said...

I went through a shamanic journey. A simple one. I saw a bearded old man in a hood. He was carrying a staff, the kind of wand staff you see in classical tarot deck. He hands me a circle and a dot that was on the top of his staff. What does that mean?

Unknown said...

Wow, this is so powerful to me. I see this symbol every single day, all of my life I had brushed it off because I thought it was just a problem with my eyes, but something inside of me told me to find out what it means, and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for this. Bless your soul. Namaste.

Rebecca Morris said...

You are the secret. Your mind your thoughts affect and create your universe.

Anubhav Krishna, Barsana said...

My spiritual guide and guru who in my faith was an enlightened soul - Swami Timir Baran - was intuitively using this symbol - circled dot or a bindi or point within a circle to mark completion of a thought, a novel use of the symbol as a punctuation mark. He would call it our logo and explain it in this way. 1. If God is the centre, you are the circle; that is your entire being and life should move or revolve round God, making Him the nucleus. Reversely 2. If you are centre and God, the circle, God should encircle and envelop your entire life. When it came to compiling his words into a book form - it is uploaded on a free google site as The Scripture - Words of Timir Baran , I used exactly the same symbol as logo of the book more out of love for what he used to say about this symbol and seeing him use while writing than its deeper significance. Now, I am more glad that God inspired me to use a symbol which is the most primitive and fundamental symbol known to humans, a symbol that has radiated so many rich meanings and has inspired different human races in different ways from time immemorial.
Swami Anubhav Krishna, BARSANA - 281405, INDIA.