Sunday, July 4, 2010

Obscure Wisdom And Hidden Truth

"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth,
but most of the time he will pick himself up
and continue on."

- Winston Churchill

"To see that which is not there, gaze upon what is."
-Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, Wizard, "Legend Of The Seeker"

Truth, Wisdom and masterful knowledge are not for the lazy or
timid. A price must be paid for obtaining these mystical gems.
These hidden and guarded treasures must be searched for and

Clues to their whereabouts and meanings are disclosed to the True
Seeker bit by bit. It is up to the Seeker and Initiate to discover
these bits - one by one - and piece them together like a jigsaw
puzzle until the answers they are pursuing become clear to them.
Un-Veiling, and understanding, Obscure Wisdom and Hidden
Truth is the Quest of the True Seeker, the determined Initiate, and
Wizards and Wanderers.

Seekers, Initiates, and Wizards and Wanderers are the Lone Wolfs
who stand apart from, and are out-of-sync with, the common
masses. The masses simply require quick answers, brief
explanations, fabled stories, and unfounded rumors to satisfy their
impatience, curiosity and Ignorance. And it is because the masses
are teeming with unfounded "information" and unsolicited Opinions
that their judgment is usually found to be erroneous, mis-guided,
and false. For how can the masses possibly know that which they
have made no effort to understand?

Ancient Teachings inform us that Truth and Wisdom lie all around
us. However, although Truth and Wisdom are available to all, they
can only be recognized by those who have taken the Time to develop
the ability to "see" them.

Truth and Wisdom are obscured in the shadows of Ancient
Teachings and cryptic Symbols whose true meanings have been
purposely Veiled by half-truths, vague definitions, over-simplified
explanations, and mis-translations.

The True Seeker's focused purpose is to lift the Veil which shrouds
Sacred Knowledge, esoteric Symbolism, and Ancient Wisdom from
the prying eyes, limited understanding, and disrespectful ridicule
of the common horde. For only by lifting this Veil can the True
Seeker uncover the Eternal Secrets and Cosmic Mysteries which
Divinity has bestowed upon us.

With these Thoughts in mind, the next time we stumble upon our
Path, or face a roadblock, in our Quest for Truth and Wisdom, let
us remember that our Search requires effort, patience, and Time;
Time to grow into the knowledge and Wisdom which is about to
be imparted unto us. However, the Precious Jewels and Secret
Treasures that await us at the end of this trek of ours are well
worth the effort we put forth in their pursuit.

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© Copyright Joseph Panek 2010
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