Sunday, February 13, 2011


"All empty souls tend to extreme opinion."
- William Butler Yeats

Opinions: everyone seems to have one. And the vast majority of
people are not at all bashful about "sharing" their Opinions with
others. Furthermore, the newspaper media, along with radio and
television stations, are constantly bombarding us with "expert"
Opinions on numerous topics. Opinions buzz around us like swarms
of gnats in the springtime. However, while the swarm of gnats is
short-lived, the constant buzzing and influx of Opinions is never

We have become so Indoctrinated to seek Opinions that we do not
ask, "What is the Truth?". Instead, we have become trained to ask,
"What is your Opinion?"

It is interesting to note that should someone ask us "What is the
Truth" about a certain matter, most of us will honestly answer,
"I don't know". However, should someone ask us "what is your
Opinion" on a certain matter, or Event, our demeanor completely
changes. We become all too willing to spew out all sorts of
comments and conclusions about things we know very little about,
and have done very little, if any, research.

In other words, Opinions allow us to, metaphorically speaking, throw
Truth, Facts, and Reality out of the window for the grand pleasure of
simply hearing ourselves talk.

But what are these things we call Opinions which hypnotize us,
fascinate us, and consume so much of our precious Time?

To begin with, Opinions are not Truths. In most instances Opinions
fall into one of the following categories:

...personal and subjective wishes or Hopes;
...marginally-informed guesses;
...egotistical comments;
...the product of a manipulated mind; argument that one person is attempting to impose upon another.

To compound the matter even further, gathering more Opinions
does not lead us any closer to the Truth which we are seeking.
More Opinions tend to lead towards more confusion because
Opinions, by their very nature, do not contain complete Truths
or facts...They are merely Opinions.

Therefore, those who are Seekers of Truth attach very little merit
to Opinions.

Furthermore, those who are Truly Wise, keep their Opinions to
themselves. They do this because they know that their Opinions
are not yet Truths: they are merely subjective guesses about
what may be True based upon partial, and possible faulty,
information. To the Truly Wise, Opinions are warnings, cautions,
or options on how an Event may eventually play itself out.

When we make comments, or take actions, simply based upon
Opinions, we are speaking or acting from a standpoint of limited
factual information. The Consequences which are born from Words
and Actions based solely upon Opinion can, at times, be

It is not unusual to see large groups of people rush to action based
solely upon Opinions. Opinions which are oftentimes faulty,
unfounded, and incomplete.

Reality is the only thing which is True. Therefore we should
concern ourselves with Reality and Seek the Truth contained
within Reality.

Reality is not concerned with the Opinions of any individual,
group, or faction. It is not concerned with what any of us think
"should be". Reality laughingly brushes aside these whimsies of
ours, our Opinions, and continues to be what it Truly is: the
ultimate Truth!

And because Reality is the ultimate Truth, it is our responsibility to
recognize it as such, and be able to separate the "wheat of Reality"
from the "chaff of Opinion".

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