Sunday, April 25, 2010


"Time and tide wait for no man."
-Geoffrey Chaucer

What is this thing called Time? We set our watches by it. We make
plans and appointments based upon it. We also look forward to
holidays, anniversaries, festivities and birthdays based upon it.
But have we ever stopped to consider the meaning and reality of
this cosmic Drumbeat we call "Time"?

In its most Simple and brief description Time is a measurement of
movement. To be more precise, Time is the movement of one object,
or Event, in relationship to another.

Time is both cyclical (infinite) and linear (finite). This cyclical and
linear concept of Time is represented, Symbolically, by the horn
of the Unicorn. The Unicorn's horn is a straight (linear) Symbolic
bone protruding from the top of the Unicorn's head - or Crown

And, although straight and finite, the Unicorn's horn consists of a
spiral design which begins at the crown of the Unicorn's head and
eventually fades into Infinity at the uppermost tip of the horn. This
straight and spiralled horn of the Unicorn Symbolizes both the
cyclical and linear nature of Time.

Cyclical Time is the continuous repetition of the endless Cycles of
. It consists of the seasons, tides, sunrises, days, months,
years, ages and eons which are encompassed within Eternity.
Cyclical Time is the often repeating and unending Cycles which
govern not only our visible, physical universe but also the invisible,
spiritual realms which are unfamiliar to us. Cycles, which are
Symbolized by Circles and Spirals, are the Eternal timepieces which
are part of Divinity's Grand Design.

Linear Time, on the other hand, represents the finite and temporary.
Just as a line must have a beginning and an end, so must linear
Time have its beginning and end. Each day must come to an end.
Each year must come to its close. Civilizations, dynasties,
kingdoms, eras, joys, sufferings, festivities, Relationships, material
gains and physical life are all a part of linear Time. Therefore,
because they are finite in nature, they must all experience their own
particular beginning and end. In addition, linear Time also contains
the Consequences, or results, of previous Actions and Events
initiated by ourselves and by others.

Linear Time exists within Cyclical Time. While the Cycles of Eternity
are enduring and infinite, the Events which occur within these Cycles
are limited and temporary. And although today's day has the same
24-hours as yesterday's day had, it is not the same 24-hours.
Today's day is a finite, temporary Event occurring within one of
Divinity's numerous and overlapping Eternal Cycles.

This is why the same sunrise which greeted our ancient ancestors
many ages ago is not the same sunrise which greets us today.
Yes, it is the same Sun. Yes, it is still rising in the East. However
this same Sun which is still rising in the East is now performing its
daily, finite function within a new rhythmic Cycle.

Therefore, although we can "put things off until tomorrow", or even
"look forward to tomorrow", tomorrow will not be the same day as
today. For tomorrow truly is "a brand new day!"

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