Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Footprint - As A Symbol

The Footprint is a very Ancient and Sacred Symbol. Symbolically,
The Footprint represents the Memory, and the Teachings, of the
Master Teacher.

The Master Teacher has been called by many names throughout
the Ages: Christ, Buddha, Confucius, Hermes and Thoth to name
a few. Each one of these Master Teachers were a "channel" through
whom Divine Wisdom was imparted to humanity. They were a
direct contact between the earthly realm and Divinity.

The Footprint reminds us that these Master Teachers once resided
in our earthly domain and shared Divine Wisdom with us. And
although these Master Teachers are gone their Teachings, Their
Footprint, remains with us.

Each one of us has had a bitter-sweet experience of holding an object
given to us by someone we hold dear and who is no longer with us.
While holding this object we experience a brief feeling that that
person is still in our presence guiding us, teaching us and comforting
us. Although the feeling of this experience may finally pass, the
Memory of it does not. That person's object which we hold, and
cherish, is the essence of what that person means to us, it is that
person's "Footprint".

Here's another example...We have just had a stimulating encounter
with someone who has since moved on. We look down and see
that person's footprint still embedded in the sand. For a brief and
enchanting moment we actually "feel" as if that person's presence is
still with us as we stare down at their footprint. This is the Power,
the Spiritual Essence, that is Symbolized by the Footprint.

And just as those who are dear to us have left a mental "Footprint"
for us to remember them by, so have the Master Teachers of
Antiquity left their Spiritual Footprint for us to remember them
and their Work.

The Footprints of the Master Teachers are all around us. They are
the Spiritual Wisdoms found in the Ancient Teachings in every part
of the world. And although these Teachings may be called by many
different names, the essence of these teachings is the same

These Teachings, These Footprints, are available to
each and every one of us. No one group, organization or church owns
any of these Teachings. These Teachings are the Divine, Universal
Wisdom handed down to each and every one of us, freely, by the
Ancient Masters for us to study, absorb and use in a way that is
most compatible with our very own Divine Nature.

The Wisdom and Instruction is already there for us to use. All we
have to do is follow the Masters' Footprints that have already
preceded us down our Spiritual Path.

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