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Gold - As A Symbol
(Alchemy, Mythology, Tarot, and Folklore)

"All that is gold does not glitter."
- "The Hobbit", J.R.R. Tolkien

History, Alchemy, mythology, and folklore abound with tales of the
Quest for Gold.

The 49ers rushed to California from all parts of the world in their
Quest for this precious metal. The medieval Alchemists toiled
their lives away over their furnaces in their attempt to turn "lead
into gold".

Mythology tells us of: Jason and his Argonauts in search of the
Golden fleece...Hercules and the Golden Apples of the Hesperides
...and, King Midas turning everything he touched into Gold.

Folklore tells us of: leprechaun Gold...dragons guarding huge
caverns of Gold...maidens with long Golden hair...and even a
damsel spinning straw into Gold.

But what is it about this yellow metal that has captivated,
obsessed, and hypnotized mankind throughout the ages of Time?
And, what is the True meaning of the Golden Quests which
entranced so many Seekers and Adventurers of myth and legend?

For our answers, let us turn our attention to the Symbolism
connected with this precious metal we call Gold.

Gold represents the masculine, yang Principle. In Alchemy and
Astrology Gold is a Symbol for the Sun. In mythology, Gold was
thought to be the rays of the Sun which were captured by
Mother Earth and buried in Her underground Womb.

Gold is maleable. It can be hammered paper thin and it will not
shatter This means that it can be easily molded to fit upon, or
create, almost any Statue or work of art. In this sense, Gold is a
Symbol for indestructible, eternal, and adaptable.

Gold has a constant luster. It shines just like the Sun. Therefore,
in both Astrology and Alchemy, Gold is the physical Symbol for the
Divine Radiance of the heavenly Sun.

We can experience this Symbolism for ourselves by simply gazing
at a Gold coin or a Gold nugget. Regardless of what angle a Gold
coin, or Gold nugget, is viewed from, its shine neither diminishes,
"glitters", nor changes. For this reason, Gold is a Symbol for
constancy, certainty, honesty, permanence, stability, and the
unchangeable. In this aspect, Gold is the Symbol for Truth.

Gold is the one metal which will not tarnish, corrode, oxidize, or
have its color fade due to either Time, or the elements of Nature.
A Gold coin, or a Golden object, which has been in the ground for
thousands of years, will come out of the ground in the same
untainted condition today as when it was first buried either
centuries, or millennia, ago.

And because Gold will not tarnish, corrode, or fade in color, it is
not only a Symbol for Immortality, but also a Symbol for any
uncorruptible or untarnishable Quest, Ambition, or Purpose.
In this sense, Gold is also a Symbol for ultimate Wisdom and
ultimate Truth. For just as Wisdom and Truth can be hidden,
Obscured, ridiculed, and buried without losing their luster, shine,
and permanence, the same holds True for Gold.

Although the Symbolism of Gold appears throughout mythology,
legend, and folklore, we find excellent examples of Gold's Symbolism
the Tarot deck. The card of "The Fool", along with several other
cards, contains a Golden Sky. This tells us that the Quest, or the
Purpose, Symbolized by these particular cards is taking place under
the Shining Wisdom of the Eternal Heavens, and that spiritual
perfection and superiority are the Lesson contained within that card.

Gold, in both its physical form and spiritual essence, has beckoned
mankind from the earliest of Times. Those who find physical Gold
will certainly find a Treasure. Those who find spiritual Gold will find
ultimate perfection. And those who find both, will experience the
Union of Duality, which is the ultimate aim of our Current

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