Sunday, March 1, 2009

Union Of Duality

Upon leaving the Womb, we enter the world of matter. This world
of matter is the realm and dimension of Duality.

Everything we experience in the realm of matter is Dual in nature.
Hot and cold...simple and difficult...male and female...matter and
spirit. Furthermore, Duality does not need to be extreme in nature
for it also consists of varying degrees of differences of the same
essence: such as warm and cool instead of hot and cold.

Duality presents us with a lifetime of challenges and Choices. How
we Choose to reconcile (unite) matters of Duality determines the
Path we will Travel during our life's journey through the material

Whenever we reconcile a Duality that presents itself to us,
regardless of whether it is in material, mental, or spiritual matters,
we create, and experience, a Balance (a harmony) in that particular
area of our nature.

The Ancients understood the importance of Balancing Duality and
used the Symbol of the Cross to express this Sacred Concept. The
Cross is a very Ancient Symbol. It is found in all Ancient cultures.

Regardless of whether a Cross is drawn with two equal arms, two
unequal arms, or at an angle, all Crosses have one thing in common:
The Focal Point at which the two arms of the Cross intersect
represents the Union Of Duality.

Not only does Union Of Duality represent Harmony, but the Union
Of Duality is a necessary requirement for the Act Of Creation.

The Male Seed must impregnate the Female Womb in order to
Create new life. The Male Energy of the Sun's Rays must impregnate
the Female Womb of Mother Earth's Soil in order for life, in all its
forms, to grow, exist and flourish on our planet. The Male Energy
bestows the Seed which the Female Womb accepts in order to
Manifest the Act of Creation. This is the Way of the Universe.
This is the Union Of Duality in the Physical Kingdom.

In the Mental Kingdom, Creation is manifested when two different
Thoughts, or Notions, are Woven Together to form a new idea,
concept, or invention.

Something "New", in any realm, can only be Created by Way of the
Sacred Concept of the Union Of Duality.

Once we Learn to understand, and accept, the Divine Principle of the
Union Of Duality, we are able to recognize, and evaluate, both sides
of all Issues and Concepts. We become the Seeker, the Wanderer,
who lives in that Borderland Between Two Different Realms, that
Vesica Piscis, where all Knowledge and Wisdom converges in one
Central, and Focal, Location.

Once we allow ourselves to "see", understand, and embrace the
Duality that surrounds us, we are then able to make the proper
Decisions which allow us to experience our Current Incarnation
with Peace, Simplicity, and Contentment.

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