Monday, November 3, 2008

Neith - Egyptian Goddess Of Weaving
(Symbol and Myth)

Duality is "Symbolically" represented by two separate, parallel lines
( I I ). When referring to Thoughts, Duality can refer to either two
entirely different Thoughts or Beliefs, or, it can refer to two similar,
but not exact, Thoughts, Beliefs, ideas, notions, or concepts.

Union of Duality is represented by two crossed lines ( X ). The
Point where the two lines intersect represents the "Meeting-of-the-
Minds". It is the Point where Two Different Worlds Meet. It is the
Point where two different Thoughts, Beliefs, ideas, notions, or
concepts interact. This Point represents the Magic of Creation;
it is the Point where new ideas and concepts are born.

Keeping in mind that nothing can manifest in the material world
without first being a Thought, this point of intersection is the
meeting place, or Crossroad, where two existing Thoughts merge
so that new ideas can be created. These New Ideas then manifest
themselves in the material world as new inventions or new ways
of life. Nothing can be "born" in the material world until the
"two lines", or two aspects, of Duality intersect and Create.

This concept is wonderfully Symbolized by the Egyptian Neter
(goddess) Neith. Neith is an Ancient Divine Principle who
represents the concept of Weaving. She is portrayed with
either two crossed-arrows, two crossed-bows, or a patch of
cloth above her head.

Neith also represents the Divine Principles of "Reasoning"
and "Discernment".

The crossed-arrows, crossed-bows, and patch-of -cloth which
appear above the head of Neith Symbolize the following concepts:

An Arrow represents Thought. Two crossed-arrows represent the
union of two different Thoughts, ideas, or notions.

The two Crossed-Bows represent the Vesica Piscis, or Border
Between Realms, where two separate ideas, concepts, or Beliefs
merge with each other and live in Peace and Harmony.

The Patch-of-Cloth Symbolizes the Final Fabric that is created
from the Weaving together of Individual Threads. The Final
Fabric is synergistically stronger than the total strength of
all of its Individual Threads.

Neith Symbolizes the person we ultimately become by way of the
Weaving together of all of our prior Thoughts and Actions. She
reminds us that we must be very cautious of the Thoughts we
harbor because Our Thoughts are the Threads that Weave
the Tapestry of our Lives!

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