Sunday, May 9, 2010

Self-Instruction (Self-Initiation)

"Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master."
- Leonardo da Vinci

"Self-Instruction is the first step toward Wisdom."
- Joseph Panek

Self-Instruction is the Self-Initiation of oneself. Therefore, by its
very nature, Self-Instruction is the first step toward Wisdom.

When we voluntarily take on the responsibility of Instructing
ourselves we willingly journey into the realm of individuality and
imagination; we embark upon an Adventure which transports us
into the Sovereign domain of Wizards and Wanderers.

Self-Instruction is taking the very basic education we receive during
our years of formal education and using it as a building block, a
stepping stone, to ascend to the higher realms of knowledge, and
ultimately, Wisdom.

Self-Instruction is researching, experimenting, and discovering for
ourselves the Truths, knowledge, and Wisdom which are Veiled
from our view by the constructs, restrictions, and limitations of
society, organized education, and self-serving factions.

While the majority of people obtain degrees and certificates for the
sole purpose of settling into the everyday "grind" of mundane life,
the Self-Instructed individual Chooses to proceed further, most
often alone, in the pursuit of higher knowledge, shrouded Wisdom
and the mysterious secrets of nature.

Self-Instructed individuals understand that neither a teacher nor
an institution can teach beyond their level of knowledge. These
Lone Wolfs realize that although we do gain a level of education,
insight, and knowledge from our teachers and institutions, they are
not the final word on any subject they teach.

For if they were the final word, no new ideas would ever come into
fruition: new ideas which eventually manifest themselves as
inventions, improvements and philosophical concepts which permit
society to evolve.

The Self-Instructed individual also realizes that he or she is
solely responsible for, and are the only ones who have control of,
the Journey they experience during their current Incarnation.
Self-Instructed Initiates, Seekers, and Wizards and Wanderers
live by a simple Creed:

The fact that we may have been either mis-educated, incompletely
educated, or mis-guided does not release us from any Karmic
Debts or Consequences that may result from any of these factors.

In the end, it is always our sole responsibility to properly educate
and instruct ourselves;
It is also vitally important for us to understand who we truly are

and to learn those things which are Harmonious with our Divine
It is our birthright to discover the magical and mystical workings

of the universe: to delve into the realm of Truth and Wisdom and
not simply rely upon what others expect us to believe and accept
as true;
The universe, and everything within it, is one big and simple set

of Truths which continually reveal and re-Cycle themselves
throughout eternity. It is by our failure to understand and
recognize these simple live in denial, Ignorance, and
complacency...that we invite oft-repeated and self-imposed
calamities into our lives.

In the end, we must realize that we would never have the timeless
gifts of such immortals as Einstein, Newton, da Vinci, Pythagoras,
and many others, had they not chosen the magical and visionary
Path of Self-Instruction. To put Self-Instruction into modern terms:
it is truly the only way to "think outside the box".

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