Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Wizard's Staff - Symbol and Mythology

The Wizard's Staff "represents" the contents of Sacred Books and
Esoteric Teachings that the Wizard leans on for support during his
earthly Journey. It Symbolizes the Wisdom and Knowledge that the
Wizard has Earned from all of his Studies and Experiences.

Sacred Books and Esoteric Teachings contain all the Secrets of the
Universe. However, these Secrets reveal their Truths very slowly.
And Esoteric Knowledge, although available to everyone, is only
intelligible to a select few.

The Magical Skills of the Wizard are both a Great Gift and an
Enormous Responsibility. Although the Wizard has tremendous
powers (Knowledge), he exercises extreme caution in the use of
these powers (Wisdom).

Most often the Wizard appears to be a Traveler or a vagabond. The
Wizard only reveals his true nature to a very select few and only at
the appropriate Time (again, Wisdom).

As we Travel through life we too "lean" on our experiences and
knowledge for support. However, we must always ask ourselves
what exactly it is that we are leaning upon. Are we leaning on
Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth? Or, are we leaning on hearsay,
Opinion, gossip, rumors, and "news"?

If we are leaning on the latter than we are merely a directionless
vagabond who is stumbling through our Current Incarnation
confusing Phantoms for Guides.

And, although the Wizard listens to opinions and rumors He always
leans upon His Staff to determine whether or not they are True. For
The Wizard is only concerned with that which is True.

It is only through diligent effort that we are able to obtain the
Wisdom of the Wizard's Staff, understand its Value, and respect its
Power. And it is by leaning on our Wizard's Staff that we acquire the
Gift of Insight which enables us to Un-Veil what it is that we are
Truly observing as we Travel the Path that leads us to our
Personal Destiny.

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