Sunday, February 7, 2010


In the physical realm, opposites attract. In the Spiritual Realm,
similarities attract.

The physical realm is the domain of the ego and the senses. When
something stimulates our senses, our ego urges us to charge forth
with reckless abandon and capture the trophy which is the focal
point of our attention. We notice something that we "must
have" and we pursue it at all costs.

These stimulations can be a status symbol, such as a luxury
automobile, or expensive house, which is beyond our budget. It can
also be someone of the opposite sex whose outer Beauty charms us
into a hypnotic pursuit: an outer beauty which we all too often
discover is all that this person has to offer.

When we pursue something, or someone, simply because it
stimulates our senses we are buying the outer glitter; we are
purchasing a potentially empty package based solely on its outer
gift-wrap. Is it any wonder that so many of us become horribly
disappointed with the people and things we bring into our life
which are not Compatible with our personality.

Physical attraction should not be confused with perfection, for all
physical attributes wane over the course of Time. In addition,
external appearances by themselves, as is all-too-often the case,
are very seldom a representation of Truth, reliability, Wisdom,
and honesty

The Spiritual Realm, on the other hand, is the domain of intuition,
insight, and feelings. In the Spiritual Realm we seek out Harmony,
contentment, and like-mindedness. It is our Spiritual Nature which
seeks out the personalities, circumstances, and "things" which are
Compatible with who we are. In the Spiritual Realm we are more
concerned with Inner Essence than we are with outer features.
In other words, our Spiritual Nature is more concerned with the
contents contained within the package than it is with the gift-wrap.

As Spiritual beings occupying a physical world we are entitled to
enjoy all of the physical and spiritual experiences which are a part
of our Current Incarnation. Yet it seems, at least on the surface,
that our Spiritual Nature is pulling us in one direction while our
physical nature is pulling us in the exact opposite direction.

Is it possible for us to blend the best of both our Spiritual Nature
and physical nature together so that we may experience wonder,
joy, and pleasure in our Current Incarnation? The answer is...Yes!

True Compatibility consists of both physical and Spiritual attraction.
In other words, true Compatibility is Harmony.

Each one of us has a unique personal standard by which we gauge
attractiveness. However, external attractiveness and superfluous
beauty can be found everywhere. It is in our best interest that we
Seek out, identify, and attract only those individuals whose physical
attractiveness also radiates an inner beauty that is in Harmony with
our personality, our philosophy, and our dreams. In other words,
someone who is both physically and Spiritually Harmonious with our
Divine Nature.

When we combine physical and Spiritual Compatibility we attract
like-minded partners and friends into our lives. A Synergy is created
by which we both Become more together than we originally were
individually. We find that we have a warm respect for each other's
Thoughts and feelings and we sincerely enjoy the presence of each
other's company. We discover the Inner Treasure contained within
an attractively wrapped package. We experience Harmony,
Contentment, and Inner Peace. We experience Compatibility!

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2010
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