Monday, April 27, 2009


"When we relinquish our individual Sovereignty,
we betray ourselves and become a willing prisoner
to external circumstances and forces."

- Joseph Panek

Sovereignty: to possess independent power and rulership.

Each one of us enters our personal Incarnation as a Sovereign
Entity. We are independent rulers of our Personal Incarnation.
We have complete power and control over each and every one
of our Thoughts, Words, and Actions.

As a Sovereign Being we have the right, power, and ability to
seek out and discover what is True and what is false. We have
the right, power, and ability to Choose who we will associate
ourselves with. We have the right, power, and ability to Choose
what we will Believe, how we will Think and how we will Act in
each and every situation that will ever confront us during our
Current Incarnation. We have the right, power, and ability to
be true to ourselves, or to Deceive ourselves.

When we exercise our Divine Right of Individual Sovereignty
we accept complete responsibility for how we Choose to rule
our Personal Domain. This enables us to enjoy the fruits of our
successes and to learn valuable Lessons from our mistakes and

Individual Sovereignty enables us to exercise our Divine Gift
of Free Will in its highest and most precious form. Individual
Sovereignty is the highest expression of our right-to-choose.
Individual Sovereignty is the power, right, and ability to create,
and be responsible for, our own Personal Destiny.

And just as we possess this independent power of self-rulership,
so does each and every other individual possess this very same

In the same way that we protect, respect, and appreciate our
own Personal Sovereignty, so too must we respect and appreciate
the Personal Sovereignty of others. From a Personal Sovereignty
standpoint, we must respect the fact that every other person
is an Independent Ruler of their own personal domain; they are
a Sovereign Entity unto themselves. And as Sovereign Individuals
they too have the inherent power to be the final, and sole,
Decision-maker of all their Thoughts, Actions, and Beliefs
regardless of whether or not we agree with them.

We may have Opinions and Advice which we may wish to share with
others. However, any attempt to force, or impose, our opinions and
Advice upon others is an infringement of their Individual
Sovereignty; it is an attack upon their Independent Rulership of
their personal domain.

Finally, to possess the Independent Power of Personal Sovereignty
is one thing, but to understand and exercise the Divine Right of
Personal Sovereignty is quite another.

In the same way that we have the right, power, and ability to
exercise our Divine Right of Personal Sovereignty, we also have the
right, power, and ability to abdicate, or relinquish, our Personal

It is amazing how many individuals (and nations) Choose to
voluntarily abdicate their Divine Gift of Individual Sovereignty.
These individuals turn over the rulership of their Personal Domain
to others and expect these others to make all the important
Decisions for them. Of course, this is a Choice that can only lead to
tragedy in the end.

Individual Sovereignty is one of the greatest Gifts that Divinity can
bestow upon us. It automatically makes us the Supreme Ruler of
our Personal Domain. By embracing it we can accomplish anything
we Choose. By abdicating it we become pawns, and slaves, to

It is important that we understand this Divine Gift of Personal
Sovereignty, embrace it, treasure it, and use it to create a
Personal Destiny of our very own Choosing.

(See Also: "Compromise" and "Self-Imposed Limitations")

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© copyright Joseph Panek 2009
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